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🎞 Watched: Spider-Man: Far from Home (2019)

As the movie goes on, the more Diarrhea Christmas lights the action scenes becomes but apart from that it’s a great movie. The high school kids stuff is a delight to watch and the chemistry between MJ and Peter is perfect.

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The mid credit scene in *Ant-Man and the Wasp* was __amazing__!

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🎞 Watched: Black Panther (2018)

The MCU movies keeps on delivering. This was another really good one.

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🎞 Watched: Thor: Ragnarok

I totally forgot to write about it when I watched Ragnarok some time ago. Anyway, I loved it. My favourite movie in the MCU so far.

Spider-Man: Homecoming

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🎞 Watched: Spider-Man: Homecoming

This was exactly the kind of movie that I needed to watch right now. Light-hearted and very entertaining. I’d probably say it’s my favourite MCU movie so far. I loved the acting, the way Peter was characterised, the way the classical characters where changed and modernised. I loved the whole thing. Also, the sort-of twist with the identity of The Vulture took me completely by surprise.

My only complaint is that the action scenes themselves where sometimes hard to follow. It seemed like the director was inexperienced when it came to directing action.

I was surprised by the music, which seemed a step up from a lot of other MCU movies.

On a side-note, after the first scenes where we see the lead up to the fight between the heroes in the airport in Civil War, I had to paus this movie and go watch that fight once again. That’s quite amazing considering the fact that before I started watching the MCU movies from start to finish, in sort-of correct story order, that was the scene that I dreaded the most. I was absolutely certain that a scene where our heroes beat the crap out of each other would be just ridiculous in the Batman v Superman kind of way. I was very wrong.

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🎞 Watched: Guardians of the Galaxy

My watching of this one was stretched over way to long time. It was only two sittings but almost two months apart. Why? Well, life got in the way in the most mundane ways.

Anyway, I liked this one. I don’t necessarily think it’s as great as some people seem to think it is but I like it. No, it’s not ”The Star Wars of this generation”.

Captain America: Civil War

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🎞 Watched: Captain America: Civil War

Before getting into the MCU, this was probably the movie that I thought would be the very worst one. Super heroes fighting each other over issues that could be solved be talking is just so boring. Turns out, I was wrong about the movie. I really liked this one!

I think we all can agree that this is an Avengers movie, just as much as a Cap movie. And as such it is the Avengers movie, at least in the sense that this is how I would like more of them to be. The world is not going to end if the heroes fail, but instead there are real personal stakes here. I can understand motivations, I can get invested.

As for the fighting, the Avengers movies have the problem that you have a demigod, an almost invincible rage monster, some really powerful metahumans and a spy/assassin and a guy with a bow and arrow. This imbalance of power amongst them gets more or less silly in both Avengers and Age of Ultron (and I assume in Infinity War as well). In this one, it is much better managed. The airstrip scene, which I kind of dreaded, was really exciting. Everybody had an important role and I could understand the abilities of every character and why the could, or couldn’t, match each other.

It was also interesting that I still don’t really know if I’m on team Tony or team Cap. Philosophically speaking I would like to agree with Steve, but I can also totally see myself acting just like Tony does in the final battle, if I were in his shoes.

Right, I almost forgot. Spider-Man! (I’m looking forward to seeing Homecoming.)

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🎞 Watched: Ant-Man

I’d heard a lot about how this one was different from the earlier MCU movies and while it felt less serious – mostly in a good way – I don’t think it was this radical shift that some made it out to be.

Anyway, it was enjoyable but also a bit forgettable. I probably won’t rush to rewatch this anytime soon.

One interesting thing was the scene in the beginning that was set in the past, where they’d digitally de-aged Michael Douglas. I knew this was going to be a thing and after my negative reaction to Tarkin in Rouge One I expected to dislike this as well. Turns out I was wrong. Technology marches on fast and this digital effect looked really good. Funnily enough I actually though digitally de-aged Douglas looked more real than the real Douglas in the rest of the movie.

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🎧 Listened to: The Incomparable | My Favorite of the Chrises (Episode 416)

I wonder if having watched Agents of Shield makes The Winter Soldier a better movie. I mean, I liked The Winter Soldier and the original Captain America movie as well, but the movie that The Incomparable speaks about sounds like better movie than the one I watched.

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🎞 Watched: Avengers: Age of Ultron

When I first watched this movie a couple of years ago I really didn’t like it. Now, as I’m watching is as part of my MCU watching, it is definitely less terrible but it’s still a mess of a movie.

Even though I’ve watched countless hours of MCU movies, since I haven’t watched the Agents of Shield tv show, I still had to resort to google to understand the stakes of the first scene. Who is Avengers fighting? Why? And why should I care?

The action scenes feels impact-less overall and I can’t really relate to the characters. There are some good things though.

I like the scene with Hawkeye’s family. It humanises all of the characters and gives me some reasons to care about them. Also, Elizabeth Olsen is good as the Scarlet Witch. She is doing some actual acting in the final battle scene, something that no-one else in the cast bothers at this point in the movie.

All in all, a more or less terrible movie.