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Henrik posted this note on 20 maj 20 and tagged it with Movies

I’m probably spending at most a forth of the time watching movies that I do watching Red Letter Media’s reviews of movies. Sometimes movies I haven’t even seen.

Henrik posted this reply on 20 maj 20
Replied to micro.burk.io –

Anyone care to help out with a tiny 7 question (multiple choice) survey for a class? Thanks!!


@Burk Intriguing. What on earth are you researching with this survey? :)

Henrik posted this note on 20 maj 20

@bix Yes, by HBO I off course meant HBO Nordic. Sorry about any confusion.

api-poster posted this reply on 20 maj 20 and tagged it with The Incomparable Podcast
Replied to Guitar Riff for Grandma (The Incomparable 515) (The Incomparable)

Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale
A tale of a fateful show
We drafted yet more TV themes
And the theme song list did grow

The guest list was a lengthy one
The pickers came prepared
If not for the courage of our editor
The listeners would be scared

So join us on your podcast app
You’ll listen till you’re full
It’s favorite TV theme songs
Here on The Incomparable

This clip of Liz reacting to Dan telling how Chip and Dale in the Rescue Rangers are modeled after Indiana Jones and Magnus PI respectively should be on The Incomparable best of 2020.

api-poster posted this note on 14 maj 20

Aaaaaaaaand it’s snowing. :(

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Replied to Cortex #101: Productivity 101 – Relay FM (Relay FM)

Grey is definitely recording, Myke wants to rearrange his email, and they both break down the tools they use to be productive, and why they use them.

↪️ Reply to: Cortex #101: Productivity 101 – Relay FM

It’s interesting that Grey puts such an emphasis on the importance of intentionality when such a thing would require some amount of free will, which he has previously stated that he’s not a believer in.

If your actions aren’t actions but rather the inevitable consequences of what came before then there is no intentionality in anything, ever.

api-poster posted this on 11 maj 20 and tagged it with Books

❤️ The Incomparable | You Can’t Pants a Heist (Episode 514)

I love these kinds of episodes. So far I haven’t gotten around to reading Dan’s books but I really want to make time for it.

To be honest I need to make more time for reading books in general.

Henrik posted this quote on 10 maj 20


- Do you expect me to talk?

- No mister Bond, I expect you do die.

James Bond and Goldfinger, Goldfinger (1964).

api-poster posted this article on 07 maj 20 and tagged it with snapshots

What the hell, let’s go for a selfie as well!

I’m just enjoying the sunset, the drink and listening to Launched #5: Mike Hurley.

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Today’s cocktail is a Tom Collins.