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This all leaves 2024’s modern iPad Pro in a very familiar place: It is a remarkable piece of hardware that can handle pretty much any task it’s capable of executing without breaking a sweat, and thanks to its new display, it’ll look great doing it. But it’s let down by iPadOS limitations (and more than a decade of slow-paced iPad development) that preclude it from being the shining star of Apple’s productivity line-up that it should probably be.”

M4 iPad Pro Review: Here we go again

Jason Snell’s review of the new iPad Pro models are very informative.

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Mexican Firing Squad

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I did read a couple of pages in bed last night. I wonder, and hope, that I can keep the habit of reading more once the vacation ends as well.

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One final quick thought before heading to bed: I love having this blog! It doesn’t matter if I write frequently or not, it’s always there when I need it and when I do I usually read a bit in the past as well and get delighted about the things that I’ve written down.

Also, the 2020 iPad Pro is quite a nice portable blogging machine. I don’t want to bring my laptop on vacation since it will inevitably lead to me working, so the options were either the 2020 iPad Pro or the 2019(?) iPad Mini, or no tablet at all. I’ve traveled with the mini before and really liked it but I wanted the bigger screen this time around and the onscreen keyboard has worked surprisingly well for writing. I’d probably get crazy if I tried to use it frequently as more of a work machine without an external keyboard but as a vacation device it’s nice to have.

Also, also, Drafts combined with a couple of WordPress related Shortcuts makes for a great blogging workflow.

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Linn and I started watching From a few days before going on this trip. We’re two episodes in and I really like it. If I have any complaints it is that the show gets too gorey in parts. It doesn’t bother me but it makes it less scary.

We also been watching 3 Body Problem which started out really interesting but as it progressed we lost interest. We haven’t watched the last episode but I’m not sure we will.

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We had another great day in Greece today. I spent a large chunk of it by the pool reading Clear and Present Danger. Sitting with my legs in the water, Kindle in hand is probably my favorite way to read.

Now the wind has picked up speed and I’m sitting outside on the patio(?) by our room. I don’t really want to go to sleep but my entire family is sleeping and I’m starting to get really cold so I better get inside. And if I go inside, I can’t stay up playing around with my iPad. I also can’t read on the Kindle since that’ll require a light and we all share a single room. Maybe I’ll read a few pages in bed on my phone. Or maybe I should just call it a night.

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Last night, enjoying a ”The Godfather” and reading Clear and Present Danger by one of the hotel pools.

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I’ve realized that something. Being in a sunnier, warmer country (tends to be Greece) really ups my tolerance for music that I otherwise find absolutely terrible. Just a few moments ago I actually enjoyed the recent house remix/sample of “I’m blue”. Weird.

Bass Improvisation – 24th jan

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A improvised something-something (a song?) that I made yesterday on bass guitar and modular synth.

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🎞 Watched: The Shining (1980)

Two nights ago Linn and I watched The Shining and I’ve recently finished the book. I have mixed feelings about this movie. I’ll get back to this soon, I hope.