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On this day, eight years ago.
Linn in Fiskardo, Greece

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RSVPed Attending ONLINE: Homebrew Website Club Europe/London

Join us… on ✨The Internet!✨
Link to the Zoom video conference will be visible above from 6:45pm (BST) and moderated throughout by the event organizer Calum and Ana.
Homebrew Website Club is a meetup for anyone interested in personal websites and a distributed web. Whether you’re a blogger, c…

If this works then I’m RSVPing to tonights Homebrew Website Club Europe/London. First time for me.

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Stor morgon för barnen nu när vi sätter oss ner för att se vem Sommarskuggan nummer fem är.

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Tonight is Linn’s final night of vacation for this summer. Tomorrow she goes back to work while the kids and I have two more weeks off.

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I need to stop blogging now, take a shower and go to bed.

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Replied to An Instagram bug showed a ‘camera on’ indicator for iOS 14 devices even when users weren’t taking photos by Kim Lyons (The Verge)

An Instagram spokesperson said the company is fixing the bug. The app’s Create Mode is accessible from the Instagram camera which could set off the camera indicator, and a user swiping into the camera from their Feed may also trip it up.

This is bad Instagram. Really bad.

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Bookmarked How to Setup a Raspberry Pi Plex Server (pimylifeup.com)

I’m just bookmarking this for future reference.

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Replied to Thoughts on Netflix by Steve P Brady (micro.stevepbrady.me)

I think 3 seasons is probably the sweet spot as far as story telling goes. I’d much prefer 10 exciting and original 3 season shows to 5 bloated shows that just keep chruning out episodes derivative of their own past. Am I wrong?

I agree with this. I think this golden age of television that we are in is only helped by killing shows before they lose what makes them special. Netflix’ own Stranger Things is a great example of this. The first season was amazing, the second one really good, while the third one really feels like it’s time to wrap things up.

Another example of a show that ran way too long is Orange is the New Black. Amazing for a couple of seasons and then it just fell apart. IMHO, off course.

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Bookmarked https://forum.livevideotech.today (forum.livevideotech.today)

LiveVideoTech.today seems like an interesting place. I should check it out properly when I start getting back into work mode in a couple of weeks.

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I’ve been using Drafts for a really long time now but every now and then I click/tap something I haven’t clicked/tapped before and I realise I use maybe 10% of the apps capability.

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