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Watched Devs

Linn and I finished watching Devs last night and I’m currently listening to The Incomparable’s discussion of it. I need to think about this one and write more but as a whole I thought it was a very interesting premise that failed in the execution. And it was waaaaaaay too long. A two hour movie, or even a Black Mirror episode, would have been enough.

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Replied to PESOS from Instagram? by Jeremy CherfasJeremy Cherfas

At last night’s online HWC we talked a bit about getting pictures in and out of Instagram, now that they have become so much stricter about the API. Getting images into Instagram except through approved apps seems to be getting harder and harder, and is probably impossible by now. Getting images out…

I haven’t used Instagram for a long time but for the last couple of weeks I’ve been trying to convince my fiancé to at least PESOS her Instagram posts to her old, inactive blog. This looks like a way that might be done. Thanks, Jeremy!

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Shelves are finished! Hung using hand carved walnut dowels (always experimenting 😊).

@aa Good work! It looks really nice.

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Iris at Carl Larssongården

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Tonight’s cocktail is a Mint Julep.

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My wishlist for Micro.Blog:
* a way to load new posts but keep my place in the timeline. Every morning I have endless scrolling to see what folks posted overnight.
* default to the aspect ratio of an included photo, not to square.
* let the Mac app upload videos and sound files.

I agree with this, particularly the first one.

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If you need to download other versions of macOS than the current major version, this is where you find the App Store links for those.

This will definitely come in handy more than once.

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Parker Ortolani iPadOS 15 Concept looks great. This is what I’d like my iPad Mini to look and work like.

iPadOS 15 concept on iPad Mini

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Looks good Aaron! Will you do a video tour of it soon?

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If too many people feel this way, the US will face four more years of Trump. Please, regardless of your feelings for Biden, remember what the alternative is. Hint: It is not four years of whatever your favourite is, unless the favourite is Trump.