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Jag har sagt det förr och jag säger det igen, UK blir första demokratin som faller och blir dystopisk diktatur.


Helt otroligt att juli redan är här. Vart tog juni vägen? (Svar: Den försvann medan jag jobbade.)

Future-safe archives (Scripting News).


The original smartwatches: Casio’s history of wild wrist designs.


Twitter just nu är alltså fotboll, Almedalen och Apple Music. Det finns med andra ord ingen anledning att hänga kvar där i kväll.

Six Colors: Seven years on, a MacBook Pro prepares for El Capitan.


Gah! So much of the time spent ”programming” is spent on the stupid stuff.

It seems to me like webmentions is a way too complicated solution to the problem that trackbacks solved years ago. Why fix that which ain’t broken?

The whole indieweb-thing seems neat, but as with so many other similar projects it’s really hard to implement and use their ideas.

A question for WordPress developers #wordpress

Imagine a photo-sharing site built with WordPress. For all intents and purposes it’s like Instagram. Every post has a photo, posts can’t be photo-less and you can’t have more than one photo in a post.

Would you implement this using the Featured Image property of a post or would the photo be ”hard coded” so to speak in each post using an <img> element inside the actual post content?

Any thoughts? Please let me know via App.Net, e-mail or Twitter.