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My wishlist for Micro.Blog:
* a way to load new posts but keep my place in the timeline. Every morning I have endless scrolling to see what folks posted overnight.
* default to the aspect ratio of an included photo, not to square.
* let the Mac app upload videos and sound files.

I agree with this, particularly the first one.

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If you need to download other versions of macOS than the current major version, this is where you find the App Store links for those.

This will definitely come in handy more than once.

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Parker Ortolani iPadOS 15 Concept looks great. This is what I’d like my iPad Mini to look and work like.

iPadOS 15 concept on iPad Mini

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Looks good Aaron! Will you do a video tour of it soon?

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If too many people feel this way, the US will face four more years of Trump. Please, regardless of your feelings for Biden, remember what the alternative is. Hint: It is not four years of whatever your favourite is, unless the favourite is Trump.

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@maique you know why? We want to get rid of the stuff but it feels wrong throwing it away 😜

@jemostrom I was going to write exactly the same thing. :)

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Question for self-hosted WordPress users: How do you handle backups och your blog/site?

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I could have given him my old iPhone 6, but I decided to go a little less digital. Zane is fascinated by animals and creatures and nature in general. One of the ‘annoying’ habits he’s developed is asking us to ‘take a picture’ of bugs and beetles and ants. After the 200th fly or whatever i…

I think that was a good choice. I gave Iris, my five year old, a similar old Canon point-and-shoot and it’s amazing to see how she uses it. Clearly she’s been watching a lot of vlogs because she keeps going around the house and filming herself talking to an audience.

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While the rest of you cool kids are rockin’ Big Sur, this is what I’m installing tonight.

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(This is a test, again.)

Posting from my old theme worked. Let’s post another reply on my blog to a post of micro.blog, this time with the new theme. Does this work?