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18th of July

Linn, the kids and I are currently out with my dad’s camper van. This is the first night this time and we are at ”Furuvik”, an amusement park that we really like.

Last year we did the same thing and back then it took a while before it became a nice experience. The first night, and even more so the morning after the first night, it was really not a nice experience. All of us were in a bad mood and everybody where angry with each other. This year it seems much better.

We took quite a short trip in the park today and headed back too the camper early instead. We ate some food and some snacks, Linn and I have some wine and Ebbe made a new friend. All in all we all had a great evening. Now I’m sitting outside, writing this in my notebook and once I’m done I’ll go inside the van to sleep. Hopefully the others are asleep already. At least in theory they should be.