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Spectacular thunderstorm tonight.

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Earlier today I started listening to The Martian by Andy Weir. I wasn’t really sure what I was in for but so far I love it. I see a lot of similarities to Seveneves actually. Space, dire situation, people desperately trying to solve problems both big and small with whatever they’ve got at hand.

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They say sharks must keep swimming to stay alive. I wonder if children believes the same applies to themselves and making sounds – talking, screaming, singing, clicking their tongues, anything – with their mouths?

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I was just listening to the last few chapters of The Stand and thought about how the ending of the 2020 TV show was better than the novel because it didn’t drag on so much. It ended nice and clean after the stand in Vegas.

Boy was I wrong. There’s apparently an entire episode that we missed.

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Tom Cullen’s brain grew three sizes that day…

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It’s quite an interesting contrast to read Seveneves and The Stand directly after one another. How do we solve impending doom? Do we work hard and apply our best science and minds to the problem, or do we have faith in a god and blindly follow directions that we suppose are given by it?

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I drove to pick up groceries today and listened more to The Stand and realized that I’d only written about things in the tv series favor yesterday and two things that are much better in the book came to mind.

First, Las Vegas. At least thus far in the book (Chapter 81) it’s far from the depraved sex party of the tv show. The shows depiction of the city of Flagg seems like ”bait” for the modern tv audience who expects som T&A in their shows. It’s more appealing, and frightening, when it’s more similar to Boulder.

Secondly, Larry Underwood. That character remains fairly undeveloped in the show, at least to my recollection. He is a much more interesting character in the novel.

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I probably get too annoyed and worked up about this problem with the Apple Watch but the fact that the icon for ”Do Not Disturb” doesn’t follow the accent color of the watch face, resulting in this clash of colors is like nails of a chalkboard to me.

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For the past month or so I’ve listened to almost no podcasts, instead making my way through audiobook after audiobook, finishing four books I’d started in the past1, starting and finishing one2 and starting and soon finishing one3 and I feel great about it. I’m seriously considering deleting all podcast subscriptions, maybe even the apps as well.

If I listen to a lot of podcasts during a day while doing small chores around the house I often end up with a feeling of not accomplishing anything, wasting my time and my brain power. Doing the same chores but listening to books makes me feel like I’ve done something. Maybe I haven’t done the greatest thing in the world, but I’ve done something I enjoy and want to do more of.

  1. Neal Stephenson’s Seveneves 
  2. Stephen King’s The Stand 

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What do other people use as ”canonical source” for books, movies, and such? By that I mean if you blog about having read a book or watched a movie, what is the site you link to for the book/movie?