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🎅🏻 God Jul! 🎄

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Oh that’s right, I also created an account at Modular Grid tonight. I think I’m actually going to start my journey down the rabbit hole of modular synths soon-ish.

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There are so many things that I feel like getting back into. Blogging is one of those. Lately I’ve been meaning to start writing again but because it’s been so long since I did, I feel like my ”come back post” should be this grand thing, so it never happens. So here it is, I guess.

Another thing I really want to get back into is playing music. Playing more or less in the same meaning of the word as playing games, children playing, etc. It doesn’t have to result in a lot of great music written, recorded, mixed and released. However it should result in me feeling like I’ve spent time on a hobby.

My goal is to spend at least an hour, at least three nights a week on playing music in one way or another. Initially I try to document it here to see if that helps things along. If it doesn’t I might stop documenting.

Anyway, tonight I’ve been playing with my Volca Modular and DSI MoPho, working on some sounds for an actual song. It’s a song that I wrote a long time ago now called ”Event Horizon / Black Hole” that I’ve used for work quite a few times but that I never quite got around to properly record for my own sake. I think I might give that a try now, so today was a sound design day.

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I will finish IT within a few hours, and I’m four books deep into The Dark Tower. Where do I go next, The Shining or The Wolves of Calla?

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Årets stora hemmafixprojekt är att vi tänkt bygga en carport för våra två bilar så just nu sitter jag och läser på om bygglov och sånt. Det här är sånt jag tycker är jättesvårt.

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I just installed NetNewsWire on my main laptop. And also I’m apparently writing a blog post. I guess that means summer is in the air.

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I’m currently listening to Stephen King’s It and I think King har become my favorite author. Right now I’m in a passage where Bill Denbrough clearly voices Kings opinions on authors that are probably more respected in literary circles than he is, that is more focused on the sociocultural, -historical, -etc. of their stories than the stories themselves and I love it. Similarly the part in The Wastelands where Jake writes stream of consciousness bordering on gibberish and gets praise by his teacher feels like King grinding an axe.

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I’m currently listening to Salem’s Lot. Once again, a Stephen King book. I think I’m on a King bender at the moment.

I think this book had quite some influence on the original Twin Peaks. The (first?) funeral scene gave me a lot of the same vibes as Laura’s funeral, and the towns of Twin Peaks and of Salem’s Lot doesn’t appear to be that different.

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I’m currently reading ”Maratonmarschen” by Richard Backman. It’s the first book I’m actually reading (as opposed to listening to) in a long while and it’s hard to get into the habit of reading. I’ve only gotten a few pages in but it’s really good.

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We’ve lost so much routine for the mornings and evenings during the summer holiday. Tonight Iris didn’t get to bed until 11 pm and Ebbe was up even later. We need to do something about this, but I’m not sure what.

Today the kids and I took a trip to Rättvik and hung out with my father for a few hours, had Rättvik’s Ice-Cream and strolled on the boardwalk. Then we took an extended drive for the way home just to keep us busy for a while. The kids are really easy to go on long car trips with. They love to be in the car.

Linn has been doing a lot of cleaning and picking up an order of groceries and together we’ve mowed the lawn.

Tomorrow is Linn’s birthday, so I’ll need to get to bed soon.

All of us at the boardwalk in Rättvik.