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There are so many things that I feel like getting back into. Blogging is one of those. Lately I’ve been meaning to start writing again but because it’s been so long since I did, I feel like my ”come back post” should be this grand thing, so it never happens. So here it is, I guess.

Another thing I really want to get back into is playing music. Playing more or less in the same meaning of the word as playing games, children playing, etc. It doesn’t have to result in a lot of great music written, recorded, mixed and released. However it should result in me feeling like I’ve spent time on a hobby.

My goal is to spend at least an hour, at least three nights a week on playing music in one way or another. Initially I try to document it here to see if that helps things along. If it doesn’t I might stop documenting.

Anyway, tonight I’ve been playing with my Volca Modular and DSI MoPho, working on some sounds for an actual song. It’s a song that I wrote a long time ago now called ”Event Horizon / Black Hole” that I’ve used for work quite a few times but that I never quite got around to properly record for my own sake. I think I might give that a try now, so today was a sound design day.