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Regarding the Accidental Tech Podcasts discussion on surround sound

On the most recent episode of the Accidental Tech Podcast John tried to convince Marco to get a surround sound system for his living room. Since audio is my thing1, I felt like a needed to add some things to the discussion. The case for a >=3.1 surround sound system Personally I think surround sound […]

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En uppmaning

Therese Bohman har skrivit en bra text i Expressen idag om att det ”Visst finns det en medieelit”. Du bör läsa hela texten. Dock är det inte texten som helhet som jag tänkte skriva ett inlägg om här. Man kan ha invändningar mot orden (samtidens favoritsysselsättning), men innebörden satte fingret på något viktigt: Att det […]

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Slight update to my Blu-ray workflow

MakeMKV to rip the video. detect-crop from Melton’s tools. transcode-video with the crop value from detect-crop plus -add-audio all. Subler to remove unnecessary audio and add subtitles.

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My current workflow for ripping blu-rays into an iTunes-friendly format

This post is just for my own sake. I’ll probably write this up better once I’ve reached a final conclusion. The workflow is as follows: MakeMKV to rip the titles from the blu-ray disc. Don Melton’s transcode video with the following options: transcode-video –add-audio all <videofile> Subler to remove unnecessary audio tracks and add external […]

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More Zelda – Twilight Princess

I’m still playing Twilight Princess even though I haven’t blogged about it for almost a month. I’ve intended to but haven’t gotten around to it and rather then spend time blogging about playing, up until now I’ve chosen to play it instead. Once more, this is a game that I think is better the less […]

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Some more information on the WordPress bug that I think that I’ve found #wordpress

Yesterday I wrote about a problem that I’m having with a WordPress plugin that I’m working on, and I said that I think it’s a bug in WordPress. Here are some more information about it. What the plugin is supposed to do The plugin should cross-post/syndicate any new post to Twitter. There are a lot […]

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Is this a bug in WordPress?

I’m working on a WordPress plugin to syndicate my posts to Twitter. I know, there are lots of plugins that does that already but none of the ones I’ve found does it the way I want, so I decided to roll my own. I’ve got the basics working and have been using it on my […]

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Yesterday when Iris was asleep in her bed, Linn and I sat down on the couch to watch some TV. We’ve just finished the latest season on Modern Family that’s available on Netflix in Sweden1, so we needed to find something new. While browsing for a while, not managing to agree on something, Linns sleepiness […]

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USB-C everywhere is a good thing, an iPhone without a headphone jack is not

Followers of this blog, or people who have been having coffee and nerd talk with me for the past weeks, know that I don’t like the absence of a headphone jack on the iPhone 7. I don’t think Apple removed it to mess with us or to squeeze us for some extra bucks for adapters1. […]

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A video of me playing Zooropa, using a Mooger Fooger Low Pass Filter, Line6 Echo Park delay and a Boss ME50

So I’ve made a YouTube video. I’ve been pondering the idea of making a video for a while now, mostly because I like to try out various ways of expressing myself online. (Which is the reason why I also occasionally do a microcast.) I’ve made a few videos for work that I’ve put up on YouTube but I wanted to make something that wasn’t for work, something where I speak into the camera vlog style for at least a part of the video.

So the thought of making a video has been spinning around in my head and little over a week ago I finally stumbled upon something to make it about. Here’s what I wrote in the description on YouTube:

An attempt to make a sound similar to what the Edge has on Zooropa, using a Fender Telecaster, Mooger Fooger MF-101 Low Pass Filter, Line6 Echo Park, Boss ME50 and a ZVex Nano Head amp.

A few weeks back I watched a video from Pro Guitar Shop where Andy played Zooropa using a ZVex Super Seek Wah and two delays and I got really fascinated by it. It made me realize how simple the actual playing in this song is and made me think about making my own version. Then the other day I recalled that we have a bunch of Mooger Fooger pedals at work and I started to wonder whether the Low Pass Filter with an envelope could be used as the auto-wah effect.

The answer, in my opinon, is yes and this is the video I made using the Mooger Fooger and two delay pedals from my ”collection”.

Maybe this is the only video I’ll make, maybe it’s the first of many. Right now I don’t know but I do know it felt good to hit publish on this, even though I have a lot of complaints to myself about the technical quality of the video, but I’ll save that for another day.

Zelda – Twilight Princess

Last week I started playing Zelda – Twilight Princess. I’ve had the game for quite a while, over two years I think, but haven’t really felt like I had the time to get deep into it until now. When I started playing last week I saw that the only save file I’ve used was last […]

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Regarding Apple’s suspension of Kapeli/Dash and the discussions of the matter on ATP and Core Intuition

On this weeks Accidental Tech Podcast (191: The Failure Mode of a Train), Casey, John and Marco talked about the controversy around Apple closing the App Store account of developer Kapeli. (I’ve mostly been out of the loop on this thing so most of my knowledge of it comes from said ATP episode.) The discussion […]

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The endless frustrations of using Siri

There’s a dearth in my podcast cue at the moment, so I’ve been relistening to some old podcasts. Currently I’m listening to Hypercritical #38: ”Virtually Spotless” and early on (Overcast link with timestamp) John and Dan talks about Siri which I assume had just been released when this episode was recorded. Anyway, it’s interesting to […]

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kUTTypeImage is defined in MobileCoreServices.framework

This gets me every time I try to create a sharing extension for iOS. I follow along with the WWDC session ”Creating Extensions for iOS and OS X, Part 1” from 2014 and when I encounter this line, I get an error:

The problem is that kUTTypeImage is unknown to Xcode. The solution is […]

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Idag är första dagen som jag lämnade av Iris på förskolan. Vi har varit där under några dagar i förra veckan också men även när hon var själv med de andra barnen och pedagogerna så var jag kvar i huset, så det här var något nytt. Iris verkade inte tycka att det var någon stor […]

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Liking stuff via the blog

I watch, read and consume a lot of stuff on the web. Recently I’ve taken a particular interest in YouTube, and I see a lot of cool, watch-worthy stuff there. Sometimes when I see something awesome I click the thumbs up in YouTube, sometimes I don’t. Regardless, I also want to post some of the […]

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Do you know of a good way to rip Blu-rays with subtitles intact?

I’m trying to rip the video (and audio) from Blu-rays1 into an iTunes and AppleTV friendly format, while preserving subtitles and, this is key, not burning them in. I’ll write a detailed post on my needs, findings and workflow soon but right now I just want to throw the ball out to you. I’m currently […]

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Quick thoughts on the Nintendo NX

A handheld console that can be connected to a TV seems like the right way to go, at least in my opinion. As previously discussion on this blog I love my 3DS but there are countless times that I’ve wished that it supported AirPlay or something similar that allowed me to put the video up […]

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How I manage what goes into my news rivers

Almost a year ago I wrote about WordPress’ Link Manager. It’s an old feature of WP that seems to get very little use these days. But it is a way to collect links to websites and, this is the important part, their corresponding RSS/Atom feeds, and get an OPML file os the websites in question. […]

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Keeping up with the news using River 5

River 5 has been running on one of my servers now for about twenty-four hours and so far things seem to work perfectly. Order is restored and I feel connected with the news again. River 5 is a feed reader that generate rivers of news. A river of news is a way of displaying items […]

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The basic building blocks of Twitter

At its core, Twitter is just three fairly simple things. A simple way to post short status updates. A list of people who’s post you follow. A timeline that mashes the posts from those people together into one stream. Every piece of the puzzle was there long before Twitter. For posting we had, and still […]

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Roland TR-707

Today I got a Roland TR-707 ”Rhytm Composer” from my dad. (In exchange, he got my SE Electronics Reflexion Filter. Each of us think we made the better part of the deal.) Unfortunately the first attempt at turning the device on failed. Dad did not have an external PSU for it, so I had to […]

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An iPhone without a headphone jack

There are strong rumors flying around the internet saying that the next iPhone will lack a traditional 3.5 mm headphone jack. If that is the case I will be sad. If Apple does this and keeps it up in the future, my next phone will likely be an iPhone SE (that has a headphone jack) […]

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I’m taking a break from Twitter

I’ve felt for a while now that it is time for me to step away from Twitter, maybe not forever but at least for a few months. I don’t like what Twitter does to me. I obsessively check it at every available moment. That might in it self not be a problem, but the stuff […]

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Ett svar till Christoffer (@c_vilander)

Three hours later, trying to figure out how (if even possible) to add a ‘Action Segue: Show’ from a cell to a View Controller … – Christoffer Vilander (@c_vilander) on Twitter Om jag förstår det du försöker göra rätt, och om jag minns rätt vilket inte är någon garanti, så ska du skapa en segue […]

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Jessica Jones

Ikväll började jag titta på Jessica Jones på Netflix. Har inte vetat nåt om vad det är eller vad jag ska förvänta mig men eftersom det sagts så mycket positivt om det så blev jag nyfiken. Efter ett avsnitt tycker jag att det verkar vara riktigt bra. Spännande, coolt och till och med gripande.

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My frustration with Twitter, succinctly summarized by Dave Winer (and than commented way too rambly by me)

Yesterday Dave Winer made a harsh comment regarding twitter. Everyone: When you ask ”Isn’t that what Twitter already does?” the answer is no. Twitter does nothing well because of the 140-char limit. You might even say Twitter does nothing. The Seinfeld of social networks.The province of snorts and gusts. Miscreant sarcasm and trollery. – Dave […]

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Using and AirPort Express as a wired extension to an AirPort Extreme

Part of moving into the new house off course involves setting up the wired and wireless network for the home. Since I have both an Apple AirPort Extreme and an Airport Express, and since the house is too big for the wireless network from one to cover all of it, I wanted to use the […]

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DC exhausting all possibilities

This is an old Los Angeles Times article about Batman Begins and with hindsight, this is an amazing quote from David S. Goyer, who wrote the screenplay:

”Batman Vs. Superman” is where you go when you admit to yourself that you’ve exhausted all possibilities,” says Goyer

Guess who wrote the screenplay for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Ett svar till Emils svar till mitt svar

Min ursprungliga post – En kommentar till ”Refactoring Loops and Conditionals” Emil svarade genom ett par tweets, som jag här satt samman till ett sammanhängande citat för tydlighetens skull. Jag tycker han gör det rätt fram tills han blandar in collection. Även om collection är helt guld så blir det i det där fallet inte […]

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En kommentar till ”Refactoring Loops and Conditionals”

Min vän Emil twittrade nyss följande: Dagens lunchfilm för dig som programmerar PHP. https://vimeo.com/115719437 Diskutera i grupp. – Emil Österlund, 2016-04-27 Jag fick en stor lust att, precis som Emil uppmanar till, diskutera det som visades i videon, och eftersom 140 tecken inte är en särskilt bra grogrund för nyanserad diskussion så tänkte jag blogga […]

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Första kvällen i huset

Nu är vi på plats i huset. ”Vi” är jag, Linn, Iris och min bror som är här och hjälper oss med flytten. Vi har kört ett rejält lass hit till huset idag så vi har allt vi behöver men just nu är det lite svårt att veta var någonting är. Fyrtio kartonger betyder att […]

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Scrolling a UIView to keep the keyboard from obstructing the view of the current UITextField

Wow, that’s an unwieldy title! Anyway, during some spare time today I’ve struggled with something in Objective C and Cocoa Touch that I’ve been struggling with before. When a UITextField in an iOS app becomes ”active”, allowing the user to enter text, almost half of the screen gets covered by the software keyboard. That’s all […]

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Det gör mig så ledsen

Jag mår så dåligt varje gång jag ser ett reportage om flyktingarna som förtvivlat försöker ta sig till Europa och jag hatar våra politiker som fokuserar på att göra det svårare för dem, istället för att fokusera på asylrätten och på att rädda liv. Förhoppningsvis så kommer åtminstone historiens dom över dagens europeiska ledare bli […]

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Apple vs The US Government, or I stand with Tim

As most of you probably know by now the FBI has demanded that Apple build a new version of iOS with a backdoor in place. This iOS version is ostensibly only meant to be used on an iPhone 5C owned by one of the San Bernardino terrorists. Tim Cook, Apples CEO, has publicly refused this. […]

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Please Anchor, be a good citizen of the open web

I’ve tried Anchor today. It’s a service that let’s its users post short audio posts, like Twitter but for audio. Or put more accurately, it allows its users to make short-form podcasts. I thought it was really fun to use, and discussing a topic on it with a friend seemed much more fruitful that doing […]

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So I have a question for Anchor…

Does the service have an API? Or a way to listen to peoples waves inside a regular pod catcher? Do the people behind Anchor intend to play nice with the open web or is this just another silo that want to usurp the web? I’ve searched their help and found nothing regarding APIs or XML/RSS.

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More Lego Star Wars: Droid Tales

As I’ve mentioned earlier, Iris and me have been watching Lego Star Wars: Droid Tales. I was really entertained by the first episode and found it hilarious at times. Unfortunately the rest of the episodes where not as great. The plot of the show is just an excuse to let Threepio retell episodes I – […]

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Building a WordPress plugin

Today I started working on a WordPress plugin (I’ll tell you more about it soon). To do that I needed to brush up a bit on my plugin-writing skills. I’ve always found making WordPress plugins unnecessary frustrating but as I searched for some articles about it today I found this: Since WordPress 2.8, building widgets […]

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Gentlemen & Gangsters

Jag hade tänkt rekommendera tv-serien Gentlemen & Gangsters som sändes i SVT runt nyår men det verkar tyvärr som att tiden då den finns på svtplay har tagit slut. Så du får helt enkelt hitta den på andra sätt. Gentlemen & Gangsters är en filmatisering av Klas Östergrens böcker Gentlemen och Gangsters. Två olika böcker […]

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