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An episode of Stranger Things has no business being an hour and forty minutes long. Season four would probably be twice as good if the episodes where half as long.

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Happy National Martini Day! 🍸

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”Your man Jesus seems to me a bit of a son of a bitch when it comes to women,” Roland said.

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Okay, the end part of The Ritual of Chud chapter in ”IT” was weird. It’s got to have been weird in the mid eighties as well, right?

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I will finish IT within a few hours, and I’m four books deep into The Dark Tower. Where do I go next, The Shining or The Wolves of Calla?

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3D printing can be so much fun!

Yesterday I decided that I wanted to mount my Korg SQ-1 to the IKEA SKADIS that I use as my “wall of synths”. (So far a very modest wall.) I had previously found 3D models for the Kort Volcas but I was unable to find one for the sequencer, so I decided to model one. It took me a couple of tries to get it right and there are still some improvements that could be made but it’s good enough to be usable. Win!

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Årets stora hemmafixprojekt är att vi tänkt bygga en carport för våra två bilar så just nu sitter jag och läser på om bygglov och sånt. Det här är sånt jag tycker är jättesvårt.

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Coronaförnekare på lista – regionrådet: ”Oj” — FaluKuriren

Dalarnas sjukvårdsparti släpper alltså in personer på sin regionslista utan att ens googla personen för att se vad hen står och argumenterar för. Det är så beklämmande slappt.

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I just installed NetNewsWire on my main laptop. And also I’m apparently writing a blog post. I guess that means summer is in the air.

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I’m currently listening to Stephen King’s It and I think King har become my favorite author. Right now I’m in a passage where Bill Denbrough clearly voices Kings opinions on authors that are probably more respected in literary circles than he is, that is more focused on the sociocultural, -historical, -etc. of their stories than the stories themselves and I love it. Similarly the part in The Wastelands where Jake writes stream of consciousness bordering on gibberish and gets praise by his teacher feels like King grinding an axe.