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One final quick thought before heading to bed: I love having this blog! It doesn’t matter if I write frequently or not, it’s always there when I need it and when I do I usually read a bit in the past as well and get delighted about the things that I’ve written down.

Also, the 2020 iPad Pro is quite a nice portable blogging machine. I don’t want to bring my laptop on vacation since it will inevitably lead to me working, so the options were either the 2020 iPad Pro or the 2019(?) iPad Mini, or no tablet at all. I’ve traveled with the mini before and really liked it but I wanted the bigger screen this time around and the onscreen keyboard has worked surprisingly well for writing. I’d probably get crazy if I tried to use it frequently as more of a work machine without an external keyboard but as a vacation device it’s nice to have.

Also, also, Drafts combined with a couple of WordPress related Shortcuts makes for a great blogging workflow.

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