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Good discussion on the Nintendo 2DS XL on Remaster: 34: Drifting all the Way.

Nintendo – Putting Play First | Game Maker’s Toolkit – YouTube

Mark Brown’s video series ”Gamemaker’s Toolkit” is very interesting to watch. In the episode Nintendo – Putting Play First I think he manages to explain to me why the games I play almost exclusively are first-party Nintendo games.

You should check it out!

Zelda – Twilight Princess

Last week I started playing Zelda – Twilight Princess. I’ve had the game for quite a while, over two years I think, but haven’t really felt like I had the time to get deep into it until now. When I started playing last week I saw that the only save file I’ve used was last […]

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Quick thoughts on the Nintendo NX

A handheld console that can be connected to a TV seems like the right way to go, at least in my opinion. As previously discussion on this blog I love my 3DS but there are countless times that I’ve wished that it supported AirPlay or something similar that allowed me to put the video up […]

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Nintendo’s mysterious NX is reportedly a portable console that connects to your TV


Nintendo is releasing a miniature NES with 30 built-in games


Microcast #13

I just finished New Super Mario Bros 2 for the Nintendo 3DS.

Download and listen to Microcast #13

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Microcast #8

A quick ”review”, so to speak, of New Super Mario Bros 2 for the Nintendo 3DS.

Download and listen to Microcast #8

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Microcast #7

Old habits die hard, I guess.

Microcast #7

(Also on Anchor.)

My thoughts on Super Mario 3D Land

A little less than a month ago I bought Super Mario 3D Land for the Nintendo 3DS. I hadn’t (and still haven’t) really finished my playing of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D yet but I felt like getting another game and rest from the Zelda world for a while. So I searched around for popular and […]

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Nintendo 3DS maintenance 

I’ve been fiddling around with my Nintendo 3DS today, not really playing any games but more like doing maintenance. I finally crawled a Nintendo Networj ID and linked my 3DS to that. Not quite sure about every possible ups and downs of that but at least now I can download free content from the eShop […]

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