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More Zelda – Twilight Princess

I’m still playing Twilight Princess even though I haven’t blogged about it for almost a month. I’ve intended to but haven’t gotten around to it and rather then spend time blogging about playing, up until now I’ve chosen to play it instead. Once more, this is a game that I think is better the less […]

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Zelda – Twilight Princess

Last week I started playing Zelda – Twilight Princess. I’ve had the game for quite a while, over two years I think, but haven’t really felt like I had the time to get deep into it until now. When I started playing last week I saw that the only save file I’ve used was last […]

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Jag tyckte att Majora’s Mask var dystert och bitvis läskigt men Twilight Princess tar definitivt dystert och läskigt till en helt ny nivå.

Linn är utsocknes hela helgen, Iris sover och det är ordning och reda i huset. Nu ska jag äntligen ge mig på Twilight Princess, efter att det legat på hyllan alldeles för länge.


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