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Henrik posted this reply on 20 maj 20
Replied to micro.burk.io –

Anyone care to help out with a tiny 7 question (multiple choice) survey for a class? Thanks!!


@Burk Intriguing. What on earth are you researching with this survey? :)

api-poster posted this reply on 20 maj 20 and tagged it with The Incomparable Podcast
Replied to Guitar Riff for Grandma (The Incomparable 515) (The Incomparable)

Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale
A tale of a fateful show
We drafted yet more TV themes
And the theme song list did grow

The guest list was a lengthy one
The pickers came prepared
If not for the courage of our editor
The listeners would be scared

So join us on your podcast app
You’ll listen till you’re full
It’s favorite TV theme songs
Here on The Incomparable

This clip of Liz reacting to Dan telling how Chip and Dale in the Rescue Rangers are modeled after Indiana Jones and Magnus PI respectively should be on The Incomparable best of 2020.

api-poster posted this reply on 13 maj 20 and tagged it with Free Will
Replied to Cortex #101: Productivity 101 – Relay FM (Relay FM)

Grey is definitely recording, Myke wants to rearrange his email, and they both break down the tools they use to be productive, and why they use them.

↪️ Reply to: Cortex #101: Productivity 101 – Relay FM

It’s interesting that Grey puts such an emphasis on the importance of intentionality when such a thing would require some amount of free will, which he has previously stated that he’s not a believer in.

If your actions aren’t actions but rather the inevitable consequences of what came before then there is no intentionality in anything, ever.

Henrik posted this reply on 24 apr 20 and tagged it with Online education
Replied to a post by jemostromjemostrom

@jemostrom I have the same experience. A few of my students speak up in the large group but it’s pretty much the same students that used to talk the most in lectures on campus as well.

In smaller groups it works much better. The breakout rooms of Zoom is a nice tool for that.

The chat is a different beast. There they tend to be quite chatty. Lot’s of good questions, and sometimes answers to each others questions, and also quite a lot of internet humour, text based memes, etc. In one lecture I had to tell them to back off on the silliness in the chat so valuable questions and/or answers didn’t disappear in the flood of jokes.

api-poster posted this reply on 23 apr 20 and tagged it with Online education
Replied to a post by jemostromjemostrom

@tgray In my current course (Software Engineering) it’s pretty much the same thing for me personally. A few lectures but otherwise Scrum meetings and other similar stuff.
And since I have the corresponding hardware at home (in some cases better), approximately the same network connectivity (I’ve had…

@jemostrom I gotta say, for me and my students the move online works really well. A lot better than I had thought if somebody has asked me three months ago.

And you are probably right about the difficulties for students that don’t know each other. My students have all had 30 weeks of campus studies together so they are quite a tight group already.

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Henrik posted this reply on 02 aug 18
Replied to 🎙 A microcast about microcasts in under an hour

Nice to hear your first microcast, Chris. Also, thanks for mentioning me. :)

I’ve subscribed to you microcast RSS feed and am looking forward to more episodes. I haven’t listened to the one about the open web and academia yet but I assume that it’ll be interesting to me, since I’m also in the academics.

Henrik posted this reply on 27 jul 18 and tagged it with SNES TV-spel Video games
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Par i Pixlar frågade på Instagram vilket Super Nintendo-spel som var lyssnarnas favorit och jag tänkte att mitt svar även kan arkiveras här på bloggen.

Väldigt svårt val eftersom det finns så många fantastiska spel till SNES. Super Mario World var och är ett jättekul spel och A Link to the Past står sig fortfarande som ett av de bästa Zelda-spelen. Det är nog inget spel som jag har lagt ner så många timmar i som Super Empire Strikes Back. Vansinnigt svårt, en bra adaption av filmen och snygg användning av pseudo-3d-läget ”Mode 7” i SNESen.

Men jag tror att min favorit måste vara Donkey Kong Country, eftersom det var och är så fruktansvärt kul att spela, alldeles lagom svårt och för att det verkligen visade upp vad SNESen kunde i form av grafik och ljud. Varje gång jag genom åren kopplat in SNESen igen och spelat Donkey Kong Country så har jag blivit förvånad och imponerad över hur snyggt det är. Jag tycker inte att något annat spel (möjligen undantaget uppföljarna) lyckades vara så snyggt på SNES.

Henrik posted this reply on 15 aug 15
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I’m up for Super Mario World anytime!

(This is mostly a test to see if I’ve gotten WebMentions to work on my site.)