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🎞 Watched: The Avengers

Now this was a movie that absolutely benefited from me watching a bunch of other MCU movies prior to it. I originally watched The Avengers a few years ago, having only watched the first Iron Man beforehand. I was mildly entertained by The Avengers then, but nothing more. At times it seemed really silly and I didn’t feel engaged.

Fast-forward to yesterday when I was supposed to watch this for a few minutes during my lunch break. Since I had watched most of the preceding MCU movies, I suddenly felt myself caring about the characters and even understanding them. I cared about Captain America, a character that I’d never given a damn about before. I cared about Coulson because I’d seen him in multiple movies. I even understood where Thor came from. And I really cared about Erik Selveig, for more reasons that simply him being played by Stellan Skarsgård.

The result of this was that I blew off work for more than two hours and actually watched the entire movie in one sitting and I had a blast. Two and a half hours of solid entertainment!

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