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Do you know of a good way to rip Blu-rays with subtitles intact?

I’m trying to rip the video (and audio) from Blu-rays1 into an iTunes and AppleTV friendly format, while preserving subtitles and, this is key, not burning them in. I’ll write a detailed post on my needs, findings and workflow soon but right now I just want to throw the ball out to you.

I’m currently using a mixture of MakeMKV, Don Melton’s video transcode scripts, Subler and iDentify 2. The workflow I’m currently using requires me to add external .srt-files for subtitles, since I don’t want to burn them into the video.

Do you, dear reader, have any experience with this? Any suggestions for me? Please get in touch! (E-mail: henrik [@] henrikcarlsson [dot] se, @synvila on twitter or just send a webmention to this post.)

  1. Off course I’m only talking about Blu-ray discs that I’ve gotten written consent from all the rights-holders to do this. 

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