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Nintendo – Putting Play First | Game Maker’s Toolkit – YouTube

Mark Brown’s video series ”Gamemaker’s Toolkit” is very interesting to watch. In the episode Nintendo – Putting Play First I think he manages to explain to me why the games I play almost exclusively are first-party Nintendo games.

You should check it out!

Mario Kart 7

I’ve been playing Mario Kart 7 for 3DS lately. I’ve loved Mario Kart games since I first played it on the N64 a lot of years ago.

The 3DS game has been a lot of fun this far and today I finished first in all the cups of the the ”100 CC” difficulty. I’ve also played online for bit and found it to be entertaining. (It’s actually the first Mario Kart that I play online. I do own it on the Wii but I haven’t bothered connecting the Wii to the internet.)