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How I manage what goes into my news rivers

Almost a year ago I wrote about WordPress’ Link Manager. It’s an old feature of WP that seems to get very little use these days. But it is a way to collect links to websites and, this is the important part, their corresponding RSS/Atom feeds, and get an OPML file os the websites in question. […]

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Keeping up with the news using River 5

River 5 has been running on one of my servers now for about twenty-four hours and so far things seem to work perfectly. Order is restored and I feel connected with the news again. River 5 is a feed reader that generate rivers of news. A river of news is a way of displaying items […]

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I just installed and launched River5. No time to really test it now, but it does seems to be running properly.

The basic building blocks of Twitter

At its core, Twitter is just three fairly simple things. A simple way to post short status updates. A list of people who’s post you follow. A timeline that mashes the posts from those people together into one stream. Every piece of the puzzle was there long before Twitter. For posting we had, and still […]

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Turning off Twitter seems to result in me missing out on some news. Minor new, but still. I need to get my news rivers up and running again.

Newsriver howto for publishers. (Scripting News)

Newsriver howto for publishers. (Scripting News)

My frustration with Twitter, succinctly summarized by Dave Winer (and than commented way too rambly by me)

Yesterday Dave Winer made a harsh comment regarding twitter. Everyone: When you ask ”Isn’t that what Twitter already does?” the answer is no. Twitter does nothing well because of the 140-char limit. You might even say Twitter does nothing. The Seinfeld of social networks.The province of snorts and gusts. Miscreant sarcasm and trollery. – Dave […]

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Introducing River5

Dave Winer has now formally announced River5. I’m a user of River4, and I’m really liking it. If you don’t yet have a River of News you should check it out.

RSS is alive and kicking and ready to act as the open distribution format for news for many years to come.

Introducing River5

I think Dave is right. RSS is definitely not dead, as some people has implied. It’s more alive and more important now than it has been for a long time. It’s an important piece of the puzzle that let us breath new life into the open web.

Dave Winer has released a new river version, River5. Nothing on his website about it yet but it’s on GitHub.

Installing River4 on Ubuntu.

A much better and less chatty take on the problem than what I wrote yesterday. – Installing River4 on Ubuntu.http://river4.smallpict.com/2015/08/04/installingRiver4OnUbuntu.html

Installing River4 on Ubuntu

I just installed River4 on a headless Ubuntu server. Unfortunately it was not as straight forward as it was installing it on my Mac. If you’re trying to install River4 on Ubuntu, please read this whole article. Don’t do things as you read. Reading it in its entirety will likely spare you some headaches. Dave […]

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How to install River4 on a system running Node.js.

How to install River4 on a system running Node.js.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wIs2gkFmWk

What should I do? How should I prioritize my free time?

I’m having a problem. I currently feel like I need to ”accomplish” something, and that I haven’t done that in quite a while. In reality this is so not true. For the last five weeks I’ve been on vacation and most of that time have been spent raising my baby daughter. Before that I worked […]

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Jag håller på att sammanställa en lista på svenska nyhetsflöden (RSS/Atom etc.) för en ”River of News”. Tips på sajter att inkludera?