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I’m taking a break from Twitter

I’ve felt for a while now that it is time for me to step away from Twitter, maybe not forever but at least for a few months.

I don’t like what Twitter does to me. I obsessively check it at every available moment. That might in it self not be a problem, but the stuff that I read there doesn’t make me happy, doesn’t stimulate me and doesn’t in any way make my life better. It just makes me angry. I get angry about the things that I read and then I feel a need to make angry or sarcastic remarks about it and thereby feeding back into the toxic hell-stew.

I seem like a really grumpy guy on Twitter, and that is a role I’m not that comfortable to play at the moment. Therefore I deleted all Twitter apps on my phone last Thursday (June 30th).

The fact that I’ve been off Twitter for a few days might seem strange, particularly since you most likely are reading this because you followed a link on Twitter, posted days after June 30th. That’s because I have a cross-posting plugin on my blog. That plugin will continue to cross-post everything I blog to Twitter as well. Through the magic of Bridy, your replies to my posts will also keep being backfed to the blog. But I will not read my Twitter timeline at all during this break.

Instead, I will read more stuff via RSS and I will try to blog more and about more diverse things. I also want to post more microcasts. If I can get a reliable cross-posting mechanism working I’ll probably also get back into Anchor. You can also still find me on Instagram, at least for now.

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