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Why don’t podcasts use VBR MP3s? Because iOS and macOS don’t accurately seek them


Please Anchor, be a good citizen of the open web

I’ve tried Anchor today. It’s a service that let’s its users post short audio posts, like Twitter but for audio. Or put more accurately, it allows its users to make short-form podcasts. I thought it was really fun to use, and discussing a topic on it with a friend seemed much more fruitful that doing […]

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Some awesome things

This is just at quick post to share some awesome robotics stuff on YouTube. Yesterday I took a long walk with Iris and while she slept I listened to a whole bunch of episodes of the silly podcast Robot or Not?. It’s really silly, and funny, and great, and if you have any interest in […]

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Just nu lyssnar jag på Expressens podcast ”Politiknörden” där den liberala debattören Mattias Svensson pratar om miljöpolitik från ett högerperspektiv.

Mycket intressant!

”Jag skäms när Muf delar ut hamburgare” | Politiknörden | Expressen.

New 5by5 podcast – The Web Ahead

The great 5by5 podcast network has recently launched a new show called ”The Web Ahead. It is

A weekly podcast about changing technologies and the future of the web, discussing HTML5, mobile, responsive design, iOS, Android, and more. Hosted by Jen Simmons.

The first episode was published last week and featured Peter Lubbers who told us a great deal of information about web storage/local storage/web databases etc. and I thought it was awesome. This weeks episode is a long talk with Ethan Marcotte about ”Responsive Web Design”.

I highly recommend you all to start subscribing to this (and all other great 5by5 shows).

The real openness of Google+

In the spirit of ”give credit where credit is due” and as a follow up to this mornings rant about Google+ and what’s not opened about is, here is some praise to Google for what is in fact open.

According to the SitePoint podcast #120 Google+ has a feature called ”Data liberation” (or something like) that allows you to export everything on your profile in more or less open formats. That’s seriously awesome!

Designing and developing a new website for my music

In this blogs very first post I mentioned how I tried to differentiate the various projects I’ve got going. This blog should be my main blogging platform for tech related stuff, with the occasional guest appearance of my other interests. The part of my old web site that was dedicated to my small one-man business […]

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Podcaster for iPhone

I spend a big part of my life with my iPhone headset on. For the last six months or so most of that time has not been about listening to music, it’s been about podcasts. My podcast craze started last summer when I discovered Boagworld.com, just as it took a break from regular production. The […]

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New @5by5 podcast – Critical Path

The brilliant podcasting site/company/network 5by5 released a new show about mobile computing two days ago. I will check it out right now.

Check out http://5by5.tv/criticalpath/ or its RSS-feed http://feeds.feedburner.com/criticalpath.