John Johnston, the guy who created the iOS Workflow that I modified and use to publish these microcast posts, has published his own first microcast. In it he talks a bit about the recent update to Anchor’s iOS app and the improvements it brings, as well as the IndieWeb.

As the headline of this (my) post indicates, in this microcast I reply to John and rant a bit about Anchor and the IndieWeb.

Oh, and I’ve created an OPML list of the microcasts that I’m currently listening to. You can find the OPML file here.

Do you have a microcast of your own? Please get in touch with me1 and I’ll add you to the list.

Download and listen to A reply to John Johnstons post as well as some ranting about Anchor and the Indieweb

  1. You can get in touch by responding to this post on your own blog (if it supports sending webmentions or trackbacks), by mentioning @synvila on Twitter or via good ol’ e-mail