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In reply to Jack, Chris and Patrick on Micro.blog. (And hopefully with the help of webmentions threaded as a reply in that conversation.)

Allow me to be somewhat of the contrarian here. To me the iPhone SE (and 4/4S and 5/5s) was the most beautiful iPhone. The look and feel of it was and still is exquisite. However I don’t think it’s the best one simply due to the nature of technological progress. There’s just been to much improvements to every part of the phone since the SE’s launch for that to be true.

Like Patrick I held on to my SE (and 5s before that one) for dear life but once it started falling apart, I decided to bite the bullet and get an iPhone 11. It was a rough transition to the bigger phone. For a whole day or two. I can still miss the portability of the smaller device but these days when I hold even Linn’s iPhone 6s in my hands it feels like a tiny baby-phone. The SE seems ridiculously small.

My ideal iPhone would be small like an SE in the pocket, but then I should be able to pull on its side and enlarge it so a 11 size once I use it.

That being said, we like what we like. If you (not pointed directly at either of you gentlemen) love your iPhone SE more than any other phone and want to keep using it, please do so. I hope it lasts you a really long time. :) If however you’re forced by entropy to change it for newer one you might find that the grass is if not greener, then at least an interesting different shade of green.1

  1. However, nothing that makes the 11 great would be less good if it still had an analog 3.5 mm headphone jack. Removing that is still one of Apple’s worst decisions in my opinion. 

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