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The plan right now is to 3D print a sort of beta enclosure for the πFi Music Player. Maybe the final product will have an enclosure built out of wood and/or metal, so maybe this is just a temporary solution but it at least gives me something less brittle than a couple of Lego bricks to hold it together while I experiment with it.

We have a 3D printer at work that I can use but I’ve never 3D printed anything, nor have I 3D modelled anything so I have quite some learning to do.

A friend recommended that I’d use Fusion360 because it’s a very capable program that’s also free for academics. I downloaded and opened it, and quickly closed it again because it felt like something completely alien to me.

The same friend then recommended this tutorial on Fusion360 to get started, and while I haven’t applied what I saw in it yet at least it feels like I now know somewhat where to start.