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More progress on the music player for the kids

posted this note on and tagged it with The Kid's Music Player ΠiFi Music Player

Slightly simplified the music player for the kids has two jobs:

  1. Scan for QR codes using the camera and identify the ones that contains a Spotify URI (using zbarcam) and
  2. send that URI to the MPD that plays the music from Spotify.

At the moment I am able to set up separate tests for the two jobs and both works, on there own. The problem is that I’m currently not able to set up MPD with Spotify and the zbar tools at the same time. It seems to have something to do with different operating systems and/or other kinds of conflicting requirements that I need to lock into.

For the tests right now, I use standard Raspbian plus zbar for bullet point number one and Pi MusicBox for point number two.

For my own memories sake, this is the very simple (and probably quite brittle) shell script that I’m using for bullet point 1:

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