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@colinwalker This is an interesting coincident. My streak has been far, far shorter than yours but I was hoping to at least keep it up for a few more days to earn the Daily Blogger pin on Micro.blog. However yesterday I didn’t get around to post.

I was thinking about it multiple times during the day. I even knew what to post but due to the things we were doing in the family yesterday, which was also going to be the subject of the post, I never posted anything.

This morning when I realized that I’d broken the streak I actually posted the photo that I was supposed to post yesterday and tried to set its date to late yesterday, when I had intended to do it. It worked for the blog but Micro.blog still (correctly) registered it as a post from today. Initially it bummed me out but then I read your post and realized that the streak is not that big of a deal and then I changed the date of the post again to be the actual posting date, not the intended date.

So thanks for your post!

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