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Progress on the ”Perfect Round” of Majora’s Mask

Today I’ve extended my checklist for a ”Perfect Round” from an earlier post. The checkmarks mark the things I’ve done in this, my current play-through.

People to help

Things to do

I’ve also started working on a ”schedule” of sort to help me keep track of what to do and when. (The arrow marks where I’m currently at.)


  1. Get the Moon Tear and trade it for a Town Title Deed.
  2. Soar to the Southern Swamp and trade the title deed for a Swamp Title Deed instead.
  3. Soar to Woodfall and beat the temple boss.
  4. Deliver the Deku Princess to her father. (I forgot to do this in this round.)
  5. 2:20 pm – Wear the Kafei-mask and speak to Anju after the mailman has given her Kafei’s mail.
  6. Soar to Snowhead and beat the temple boss.
  7. Soar to Zora Cape, find the Business Scrub and trade Land Title Deeds with him.
  8. Head for the Great Bay Temple and beat the boss. (Done around 10 pm.)
  9. 11:30 pm – Speak to Anju in the kitchen of the Stockpot Inn. ⃪
  10. Run toward the north part of Clocktown and mail Anju’s letter on the way.
  11. 00:00 – Help the old lady in north of Clocktown as she’s getting robbed.
  12. 02:00 am – Soar to Milk Road, call for Epona and ride to Romani Ranch to help Romani.

More to be added.

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