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The Gunslinger

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Almost a year ago I listened to Episode 374 of The Incomparable podcast where they discussed Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series. I got really intrigued by the discussion, stopped listening before they went into spoilers and instead I purchased the first novel in the series – The Gunslinger.

These days I’m a fairly slow reader and I have very little time for reading so it has taken many weeks but tonight, on a very hot summer night of what I believe is one of the warmest summers in Sweden in recorded history, I finished the book. I can’t say that I loved it but I am definitely intrigued by it, so I will keep on reading the series. I believe that a lot of the things that are still confusing will be less so as I keep on reading. I also think that this will be an interesting way into the works of Stephen King, which I haven’t really explored at all before reading this book.

Because I’ve gotten into purchasing physical copies of books again, and because I buy books much faster than I read then, I already have four books in the series in my bookshelf.

I don’t think I’ll read more tonight and I’m not sure whether I’ll reading something else before starting book two in the series. Time will tell.

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