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api-poster posted this on 23 okt 19 and tagged it with Stranger Things

@stefp I agree about the eighties cliches. I still have a couple of episodes to go but I really enjoy it as a whole. The best thing about this third season compared to the second is that they seem to once again have realized that their biggest strength is Eleven and the actress playing her. My god, she is amazing!

api-poster posted this article on 20 okt 19 and tagged it with Stranger Things

We’re three episodes in on *Stranger Things* season three. So far the lows are lower than before because it gets sillier than usual but it’s also much more scary than previous seasons so I think I like it more than season two.

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api-poster posted this on 16 okt 19 and tagged it with Stranger Things

Just finished season two of *Stranger Things*. All in all a fairly good season, though not at all as good as the first one. Maybe that was lightning in a bottle?

Henrik posted this note on 19 nov 17 and tagged it with Stranger Things

I enjoy the second season of Stranger Things a whole lot less than the first one. Not sure if it is because it actually is a worse season, or because my standards tv shows have been raised by West World and Twin Peaks this year, or because it was a novelty that just worked once.

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