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As I’ve mentioned previously Manton Reece discussed his upcoming microblog platform/aggregator Snippets.today on Core Intuition 2#41. I’ve linked to it before but this is an Overcast link that takes you straight to the beginning of the discussion of Snippets. If you’re interested in the open web and the future of blogging and microblogging, you should really check this out.

I think Manton’s on to something big.

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Manton also spoke about snippets.today on this weeks Core Intuition. I haven’t listened to it yet but it’s probably worth checking out.

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If you’re following my site, then you are likely interested in the open web and how we might build a sustainable future outside of the big social network silos.

If that’s the case, you should check out Manton Reece’s snippets.today. This has the potential to be huge.

The basic building blocks of Twitter

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At its core, Twitter is just three fairly simple things.

  1. A simple way to post short status updates.
  2. A list of people who’s post you follow.
  3. A timeline that mashes the posts from those people together into one stream.

Every piece of the puzzle was there long before Twitter. For posting we had, and still have, blogs. For following we have things like blogrolls, remember those? And the timeline is just a river style feed reader.

The indie web movement are trying to recreate this, but I think what they/we lack is a turn-key solution for new users to get all this. The pieces are there, but they need to be combined.

Today I learned more about an upcoming service that I’ve been keeping my eye on for some time, that will bring these pieces together in what looks like a great way. Exciting times!