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USB-C vs. the headphone jack | Manton Reece

Manton Reece expresses an opinion similar to mine when it comes to the new MacBook Pros with nothing but USB-C ports and the comparisons of them to a headphone-less iPhone.

I have no problems with USB-C on the new MacBook Pro. It will be a small headache at the beginning, for sure. But because it’s a standard there’s no long-term compatibility risk the way there is with removing the 3.5mm headphone jack.

USB-C vs. the headphone jack | Manton Reece

USB-C everywhere is a good thing, an iPhone without a headphone jack is not

Followers of this blog, or people who have been having coffee and nerd talk with me for the past weeks, know that I don’t like the absence of a headphone jack on the iPhone 7. I don’t think Apple removed it to mess with us or to squeeze us for some extra bucks for adapters1. […]

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