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Regarding Apple’s suspension of Kapeli/Dash and the discussions of the matter on ATP and Core Intuition

On this weeks Accidental Tech Podcast (191: The Failure Mode of a Train), Casey, John and Marco talked about the controversy around Apple closing the App Store account of developer Kapeli. (I’ve mostly been out of the loop on this thing so most of my knowledge of it comes from said ATP episode.) The discussion […]

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The one thing that an audio book player should be able to do is playing back audio. Apple’s iBooks fails to do this alarmingly often. This is unacceptable!

An iPhone without a headphone jack

There are strong rumors flying around the internet saying that the next iPhone will lack a traditional 3.5 mm headphone jack. If that is the case I will be sad. If Apple does this and keeps it up in the future, my next phone will likely be an iPhone SE (that has a headphone jack) […]

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Tech Companies to Unite in Support of Apple – WSJ

Several tech companies, including Google parent Alphabet Inc., Facebook Inc. and Microsoft Corp., plan to file a joint motion supporting Apple Inc. in its court fight against the Justice Department over unlocking an alleged terrorist’s iPhone, according to people familiar with the companies’ plans.

Tech Companies to Unite in Support of Apple – WSJ

This is old news now but since I’ve written about this issue before and specifically called out other tech giants for not standing by Apple I thought I should link to this.

Apple vs FBI (Microcast och Wave) (swe)

En microcast om Apple vs FBI

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Apple vs The US Government, or I stand with Tim

As most of you probably know by now the FBI has demanded that Apple build a new version of iOS with a backdoor in place. This iOS version is ostensibly only meant to be used on an iPhone 5C owned by one of the San Bernardino terrorists. Tim Cook, Apples CEO, has publicly refused this. […]

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Make keyboard shortcuts in Coda work with swedish Apple Keyboard

I’ve been using Coda as my primary editor for coding for over a year and liked it very much. However a few of the keyboard shortcuts has not worked for me. I’ve suspected that it is since I’m using a swedish Apple keyboard an a lot of the shortcuts uses keys that have a totally different position on it compared to an american keyboard. It seems this can be fixed easily by changing some OS X-wide shortcuts.

Steve Jobs

This feels really strange. Yesterday Steve Jobs passed away. I didn’t know Steve, I never even met him, even so, tears fills my eyes when my fingers hit the keys on my MacBook Pro and I attempt to write this. And despite the fact that I never met him, it still feels quite normal calling […]

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The iPhone 5 will be announced on October 4?

According to AllThingsD:

Tuesday, Oct. 4.

That’s the day Apple is currently expected to hold its next big media event, according to sources close to the situation, where the tech giant will unveil the next iteration of its popular iPhone.

AllThingsD also states that Apples new CEO Tim Cook will be the one leading the keynote speech at this, and all future, Apple events. I think that is not necessarily correct. Cook will likely lead this one to show everyone that he really is the new man in charge. However in the future someone else might be better qualified to do the keynotes. To paraphrase John Gruber, Steve Jobs didn’t do the keynotes because he was the CEO. He just happened to be both the CEO and a really great keynote speaker.

More facts on usage of iOS vs Android

Here’s another report of iOS vs Android use. According to Mobile Marketing Watch iOS represents two thirds of the mobile traffic that hits Google Search.

”The perils of possession without utilization”

Horace Dediu makes a chart of ”Possession vs. Utilization for Android and iPhone”.

This data seems to support the hypothesis that Android users are disproportionately less willing to spend money (note that the data does not say that users don’t have money, but simply that they are not spending it).

Which is why my current idea for a smartphone app will be realized as an iOS app, not an Android one. (Click through to the original post to se the actual charts.)

The iPad as a travel companion, part 2

Last week I wrote a blog post about my upcoming trip to Warsaw with the band Hedningarna and the fact that I would use my iPad as my main digital entertainment during the trip, and as my only computer-like work device. The trip ended on Saturday last week but didn’t really turn out the way […]

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More Final Cut Pro X

Serenity Caldwell’s written a thoughtful article in MacWorld about Final Cut Pro X, titled How Apple re-cut Final Cut Pro for the better. One of many very interesting points:

Final Cut Pro X isn’t about alienating professionals: It’s about finding out just what a “professional” looks like in this day and age.

Some thoughts on Final Cut Pro X

You, my tech savvy readers, probably already know about Apple’s release of Final Cut Pro X, a totally ”rebooted” Final Cut Pro. This has been a very controversial move from Apple since it lacks a lot of the features that professional video editors need (and that the previous version, Final Cut Pro 7, had). A […]

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The iPad and iPhone as travel companions

Today I will be flying to Poland with the folkrock band ”Hedningarna” for a gig in Warsaw. I’m going to be their FOH engineer. (The guy that controls the sound that the audience hears). This post will not be about sound engineering or about Hedningarna though. It will be about the fact that this little […]

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More info about Apples IR-patent


A few days ago I wrote about a patent application from Apple regarding a use of IR to augment the iPhone’s camera. Mikael Jorhult (@mikaeljorhult) then gave me this link to a very comprehensive overview. Please note the large number of possible uses that isn’t about obsessive control.

Will Apple prevent us from taking iPhone-pictures at concerts?

A news-story about Apple attempting to patent a technology that will prevent you from filming certain live-events has been floating around for a few days now. Yesterday it started to filter into the swedish press as well. (You can read more about it in swedish at MacFeber and in english at MicroBlogBuzz). Needless to say […]

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Why Instapaper still matters to me

A few days ago Apple opened its WWDC with a keynote showcasing some of the news in iOS 5, OS X Lion and the semi-new service iCloud. One of the features that was announced was Safari Reading List, a special bookmarks folder inside Safari where you can save pages for later reading. This is more or less in direct […]

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OS X Lion and multitouch

After watching the video from the WWDC keynote I must say OS X Lion shows great promise. However it seems like most multitouch gestures are backwards compared to the same functions today. That means it will probably take something like a week to get adjusted and back in the flow. Well, that’s what holidays are for.

Mac App Store

Nu finns Mac App Store ute för allmänhetens förnöjelse. Uppdatera bara ditt Snow Leopard till senaste versionen (10.6.6). Därefter finns det en ikon i dockan (och ett program i programmappen) som heter App Store. Hittills har jag bara tagit en snabbtitt på det, men det verkar lovande. Jag har installerat Twitter for Mac på min […]

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Att byta från iPhone till en Android-mobil

Sitter och slöläser en guide till hur man som iPhone-användare vänjer sig vid Android. (Länk till guiden, länktipset kom från Daring Fireball.) Fastnar direkt för några textstycken. When you download an Android app, you’ll need to consider its source and note the warnings about the sorts of data it can access. Be prudent and think […]

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Hurdy Gurdy i surround

Som jag skrev om tidigare idag så har dagens och gårdagens stora projekt varit att agera tekniker åt Hurdy Gurdy för en livespelning. Det speciella med dagens tillställning var att det skulle göras i surround, vilket blir lite speciellt när mixerbordet som används (LS9) inte har stöd för surround. Bandet förlitar sig dessutom enbart på […]

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På nya äventyr med Hurdy Gurdy

Bandet Hurdy Gurdy och mitt samarbete med dem har jag skrivit om några gånger tidigare. Nu är det alltså dags igen, vilket jag tyckte var en bra anledning till att blogga lite. Det blir allt tunnare mellan inläggen här nu. Ska inte lova någon bättring. Både ni och jag lär blir varse huruvida bloggandet blir […]

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Att uppdatera eller inte uppdatera

Strax innan nyår beställde jag Snow Leopard och Logic Studio 9 från Apple Store. Trots att det nu är över tre månader sedan så har jag ännu inte fått tummen ur och installerat någon av dessa på min stationära dator. Jobblaptopen kör numera Snow Leopard men inte Logic 9. MacMinin kör Leopard och Logic 8. […]

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Spotify till iPhone

Till min stora lycka så godkände Apple Spotify till iPhone härom veckan, så detta fantastiska program finns nu i AppStore. Haken är att man måste vara premiumanvändare hos Spotify för att kunna använda tjänsten. Ett gratiskonto duger alltså inte. För mig så var iPhone-programmet dock precis vad jag behövde för att ta beslutet att bli […]

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Soundtrack Pro

Häromdagen fick jag veta av Andrew att mitt blogginlägg om Soundtrack Pro hamnar väldigt högt uppe vid en Google-sökning efter just ”Soundtrack Pro”. Det gör ju att jag kanske borde skriva lite mer om det, nu när det har gått cirka en vecka sedan jag började använda det. Till att börja med så vill jag klargöra […]

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Soundtrack Pro & Record

Idag försöker jag sätta mig in i två för mig nya mjukvaror. Den kanske viktigaste är Apples Soundtrack Pro som ingår både i ”Final Cut Studio” och ”Logic Studio”. Jag håller just nu på med att titta på några instruktionsvideos och sen ska jag djupdyka i det på egen hand. Hittills ser det ut som […]

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