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@Cassinato I recommend Overcast and Castro. Overcast is my favourite, but for I while I did use Castro and really liked it because of its queue feature.

Since you don’t listen to that many shows I’d say Overcast is the best way to go.

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@MrHenko That’s odd, I wonder what happened to the formatting of that post.

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@smokey As I read the third paragraph of your post I literally thought ”my head hurts”. Then I read your forth paragraph. :D

Anyway, thanks for adding it to the wiki. Follow up question though, what wiki? Where do I find it?

I wonder how many webmentions I receive if I also reply to my original post here?

Regarding your second post,

1) Used the share sheet and selected ”Dela som fil”, which I assume is called ”Share as file” (or possibly ”Save as file”) in English. That brings up a second share sheet in which I could save it to the files app. From there I uploaded it to GitHub.

2) I’m not sure and haven’t tried it, but I assume you could use the download link on GitHub, save it so files and then open it there and chose to import it.

Be aware, the Shortcut is very much a hack solution right now. It totally butchers the result if the post you are trying to reply to originates from a non-hosted micro.blog account.

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