Här trodde jag aldrig att jag skulle stå. Bilen full av säckar med betong och näven full med skruv och bult i lösvikt.

Då är papperna påskrivna, så nu är jag officiellt far även till barn nummer två den dag han föds. 😀🎉👶🏼

My new favorite pass-time in Breath of the Wild is riding around on my horse with a broadsword in my hand, mowing down unexpectant Bokoblins

If I delete some photos from Photos on one of my Macs, and those photos are actually from photo stream and were originally taken with my phone, will the also disappear from my phone?

I’m 99,99% sure that they won’t, but with photos I can’t risk that 0,01%, therefore I’m sitting here, like a cray person, and I’m importing all photos from my iPhone to a Mac using Image Capture so that I can feel confident when deleting som photos from Photos and a different Mac.

This is the road to insanity.

Watched Designated Survivor today, the episode ”Lazarus”, and I think the show just killed itself in my eyes with the worst product placement on television ever. Holy moly!

This year has been my worst ever in terms of procrastination. You could even said that I’ve become a procrastinator! (I’ll se myself out.)

Ever since I started as a student at Dalarna University, and then later started working here, we’ve been using Fronter as learning platform and it’s been miserable. This fall we switch to Blackboard and today I’m on an introductory course. Very excited!

@manton Secondly, do you have any documentation for how micro.blog parses RSS feeds, what it looks for and presents, etc.?

@manton First off, great job on micro.blog! I love what you’ve done so far and hope that you keep up the good work!

For the past week or so I’ve been digging myself deeper and deeper down the Wikipedia K-hole on articles surrounding early Christianity.

Med micro.blog ökar mitt fokus på mikrobloggande igen och därmed min frustration med Binero som webbhost. Det är dags att byta nu, till något som är snabbare och pålitligare. En Linode-instans står fortfarande överst på listan över idéer att prova men det ska finnas tid också.