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Watched two movies in two days. Yesterday was The Girl of the Train which was a good one. Today was Inferno which was complete garbage!
I recently reached Zora’s Domain in Breath of the Wild and it feels like I’m picking up the pace on the main quest. I guess I’ll have to face a Devine Beast soon, but I need to prepare more first. Got some shrines to complete to get more hearts and then search for Zora’s Helm.
French ’75 #cheers

Out of the ashes

<a href=”https://aeon.co/essays/could-we-reboot-a-modern-civilisation-without-fossil-fuels” rel=”bookmark-of class=”u-bookmark-of” >Out of the ashes
I know that if I didn’t have to work tomorrow, and if Iris wouldn’t wake me up in like six hours, I’d happily stay up all night playing Breath of the Wild! I love this game!
Men seriöst, HUR ÄR DET MÖJLIGT att ha en internetbank med så dålig tillförlitlighet som Länsförsäkringar har? Ständiga tekniska fel!
Pokemon, Reviewed by a Dad Who Knows Nothing about Pokemon (John Green on YouTube)
I only use Apple’s Compressor once or twice a year but when I do, and once the initial frustration over its interface has subsided, I really like the utility it provides.

Right now I’ve used it to batch-convert the students’ surround mixes to proper Dolby Digital.

So it seems a lot of functionality is disabled right now and will be added soon.
Okay, that worked! So how do I follow people on this thing? (The thing being micro.blog.)
If everything works as intended this will be my first post on micro.blog as well as a post to my blog and a tweet!

Slight update to my Blu-ray workflow

My current workflow for ripping blu-rays into an iTunes-friendly format

This post is just for my own sake. I’ll probably write this up better once I’ve reached a final conclusion.

The workflow is as follows:

It’s not perfect and it needs some tweaking. Right now I’m contemplating whether to use detect crop or from Melton’s utilities.

Ska köpa gräsklippare. Har alltid fått höra att Klippo är det bästa märket som finns. Kommentarer?