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Watched two movies in two days. Yesterday was The Girl of the Train which was a good one. Today was Inferno which was complete garbage!

I recently reached Zora’s Domain in Breath of the Wild and it feels like I’m picking up the pace on the main quest. I guess I’ll have to face a Devine Beast soon, but I need to prepare more first. Got some shrines to complete to get more hearts and then search for Zora’s Helm.

French ’75 #cheers

Out of the ashes

<a href=”https://aeon.co/essays/could-we-reboot-a-modern-civilisation-without-fossil-fuels” rel=”bookmark-of class=”u-bookmark-of” >Out of the ashes

I know that if I didn’t have to work tomorrow, and if Iris wouldn’t wake me up in like six hours, I’d happily stay up all night playing Breath of the Wild! I love this game!

Men seriöst, HUR ÄR DET MÖJLIGT att ha en internetbank med så dålig tillförlitlighet som Länsförsäkringar har? Ständiga tekniska fel!

Pokemon, Reviewed by a Dad Who Knows Nothing about Pokemon (John Green on YouTube)

I only use Apple’s Compressor once or twice a year but when I do, and once the initial frustration over its interface has subsided, I really like the utility it provides.

Right now I’ve used it to batch-convert the students’ surround mixes to proper Dolby Digital.

So it seems a lot of functionality is disabled right now and will be added soon.

Okay, that worked! So how do I follow people on this thing? (The thing being micro.blog.)

If everything works as intended this will be my first post on micro.blog as well as a post to my blog and a tweet!

Slight update to my Blu-ray workflow

MakeMKV to rip the video. detect-crop from Melton’s tools. transcode-video with the crop value from detect-crop plus -add-audio all. Subler to remove unnecessary audio and add subtitles.

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My current workflow for ripping blu-rays into an iTunes-friendly format

This post is just for my own sake. I’ll probably write this up better once I’ve reached a final conclusion. The workflow is as follows: MakeMKV to rip the titles from the blu-ray disc. Don Melton’s transcode video with the following options: transcode-video –add-audio all <videofile> Subler to remove unnecessary audio tracks and add external […]

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Ska köpa gräsklippare. Har alltid fått höra att Klippo är det bästa märket som finns. Kommentarer?