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A handheld console that can be connected to a TV seems like the right way to go, at least in my opinion. As previously discussion on this blog I love my 3DS but there are countless times that I’ve wished that it supported AirPlay or something similar that allowed me to put the video up on my TV.

Nintendo has been playing the game its own way, totally detached from the other console manufacturers spec race, for a long time. Maybe this is the way for them to go.

As I’ve mentioned previously Manton Reece discussed his upcoming microblog platform/aggregator on Core Intuition 2#41. I’ve linked to it before but this is an Overcast link that takes you straight to the beginning of the discussion of Snippets. If you’re interested in the open web and the future of blogging and microblogging, you should really check this out.

I think Manton’s on to something big.

I’ve just started listening to the audio book version of William Gibson’s ”Spook Country”. I’ve started this book several times and this time I’m going to finish it.

Yes! Jag hade hoppats komma upp till level 5 i Pokémon Go idag och visserligen är klockan nio minuter över midnatt nu när jag lyckas men jag räknar det som godkänt ändå.

This is a prime example of why open alternatives to the corporation controlled silos on the web is so important. Best way to protect your content from being taken down by Google is to not host your blog using Google’s services.

Helvete, nu är det ännu en gång dags för mig att gå och lägga mig medan detaljer kring vad som verkar vara ett terrordåd i en europeisk stad håller på att dyka upp.

Det har varit för mycket sånt här på sistone. För mycket död och elände.