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Nintendo 3DS maintenance 

I’ve been fiddling around with my Nintendo 3DS today, not really playing any games but more like doing maintenance. I finally crawled a Nintendo Networj ID and linked my 3DS to that. Not quite sure about every possible ups and downs of that but at least now I can download free content from the eShop (demoes, game updates, etc.). 

The ”app store” and social networking parts of Nintendo is really confusing! For instance, why is my Nintendo Club ID and my Nintendo Network ID two separate things? Since they both use the same email and username, are they actually one and the same now?

And why, oh why, can I only download things either in the foreground and thereby blocking all access to other things during the download, or in the background while the 3DS is in sleep mode. Why is there no regular background downloading?

And what happens when I fill up my SD card? From what I’ve gathered online, changing SD card in a 3DS is not a smooth process.

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