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A question for David Smith (@_davidsmith) regarding the Feed Wrangler API

(This is a question for David Smith, the developer of Feed Wrangler. Since it may be interesting to more people than me I choose to ask it in this public place.)

Edited 2015-07-16 with David Smith’s response.

According to the RSS specification the title of an item is optional. This is especially useful in the context of microblogging.

In Feed Wrangler, when a post lacks a title it gets the title [Untitled]. Is there a way for a client side app to distinguish a post that actually lacks the title from a post that really is titled [Untitled]?

(I realize that this is an extreme edge case. There are probably very few blog posts floating around that is actually titled [Untitled].)

David responded to me:

I don’t expose if a post is actually titled “[Untitled]” or if I was missing its title. Where would the difference be of use?

David Smith (@_davidsmith)

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