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Playing through *Majora’s Mask 3D*, third three-day cycle

This is not to be considered a walkthrough of Majora’s Mask 3D. There are plenty of other great resources for that online. Instead it’s a ”journal” of sort for me while I play through the game. I wanted to document it for myself and figured, ”why not put it on the blog? It helps keep the lights on here”.

This was a pure ”collection run”. I didn’t make any attempt at anything that furthered my main objective in the game. Instead I started by going to the Swamp Shooting Gallery and winning first price; a Big Quiver.

I then spent my time searching for some pieces of hearts. I found one on top of a tree just outside the Swamp Shooting Gallery area. I then headed north of Clocktown and found a hole in the ground. Inside it I faced two Dodongos and after beating them I was rewarded with another (my seventh) heart-piece.

Once night fell I found Kamaro, the ghost dancer north of Clocktown and had him teach me his dance and giving me his mask. I then used the mask to teach the Rosa Sisters from the Gorman Troupe his dance and was rewarded with yet another piece of heart.

During the first night I also headed to North Clocktown and helped the old lady who sells bombs to fend off a thief. This resulted in me acquiring the Blast Mask.

Later I once again went to the Astral Observatory and found a Moon Tear that I traded with the Deku Scrub infront of the clocktower for a Land title deed which I then used during the second night inside the Stock Pot Inn. I mysterious hand reaches out of the bottom of the bathroom asking for paper. I handed it the Title deed and was given yet another piece of heart in return.


During the second night I also listened to Guru-Guru’s confession at the Laundry Pool and was rewarded with the Bremen Mask. During the last day of this run I then headed to Romani Ranch and used the Bremen Mask to help Grog’s cuccoos grow. For this he gave me the Bunny Hood Mask which I’ve used a lot since then as it enables me to run faster.

Lastly I headed back to Woodfall Temple and killed the boss again so so I could retry following the butler in the Deku Shrine. With the help of the Bunny Hood Mask, this was no problem at all. Once I came to the finish line he gave me the Mask of Scent.

Finally I went to the Tourist Center to enter my pictograph of the Deku King in the contest but was told the competition was over, once again. The boat hag offered me another competition instead; target-shooting. I won that competition and was given a Bottle as a reward.

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