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Daring Fireball: The New Twitter (R.I.P. Tweetie)

John Gruber comments on the new Twitter app, for iPhone, Android and the web. I’ve never been a user of the official twitter app (or Tweetie) but I think this quote sums up the transition that twitter is going through. It’s very possible that those of us who has loved twitter for a long time will likely love it less and less as time goes by.

The Twitter service I signed up for is one where people tweet 140-character posts, you follow those people whose tweets you tend to enjoy, and that’s it. The Twitter service this new UI presents is about a whole lot more — mass-market spoonfed “trending topics” and sponsored content. It’s trying to make Twitter work for people who don’t see the appeal of what Twitter was supposed to be. It all makes sense if you think of the label under the “#” tab as reading “Dickbar” instead of “Discover”.

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