Henrik Carlsson's Blog

Keep tweaking, keep iterating

Once again I made some incremental changes to the look of this blog. I’m really not a designer but I will keep pushing those pixels and tweaking the colors, probably for as long as the blog will live. This time I’ve changed the background color slightly, switched the default font and changed the basic font size. Hopefully this will increase the readability on Windows (that totally butched my old font).

Iteration part II

The other day I wrote a post about some things that needed to be changed on this blog. That change-process has now begun. Some content has been removed from the content area and moved to the sidebar.

Still alive

The blog is not dead. It’s just on holiday.

Minor update

Just added some features to my WordPress theme that enables me to make better use of post formats. Nothing much but it keeps my interest in the blog running.

Ubuntu Linux

I’ve just installed Ubuntu Linux in my Fusion powered Virtual Machine. Initial reaction:
It’s fast!

My Windows 7 VM screws up my computer and sucks the life out of it. Ubuntu doesn’t.

New domains registered

I’ve just registered two new domains. Exciting things will likely happen this summer.

The blog now has WP Super Cache

I’ve just enabled WP Super Cache on this blog. This is the first time I use a static cache on a WordPress blog. Hopefully it will speed things up and make it more fail safe.

Silverlight and IE9

You are running a browser that may not be fully compatible with Microsoft Silverlight.

Well, I’m using the latest version of your browser. Nice work Microsoft.

OS X Lion and multitouch

After watching the video from the WWDC keynote I must say OS X Lion shows great promise. However it seems like most multitouch gestures are backwards compared to the same functions today. That means it will probably take something like a week to get adjusted and back in the flow. Well, that’s what holidays are for.

Adobe Connect

For the past weeks I’ve been using Adobe Connect quite a bit, and the fact that it drains my battery and makes my computer hot as a frying pan pisses me off. More whining is likely to come.