At every turn, right from the beginning, [the modern journalist] made horrible websites, laden with ads, demonstrated no understanding of the medium, and then blamed the medium itself for their inadequacies. As an industry they have always done and said the wrong thing about the open web.
Stop listening to them. They aren’t here to help.
The Tragedy/Farce of the Open Web according to journalists – Baldur Bjarnason

Baldur Bjarnason makes a compelling case for why we shouldn’t listen when journalists keep telling us that the open web is dead. The open web is very much alive, and very important.

As I’ve mentioned previously Manton Reece discussed his upcoming microblog platform/aggregator on Core Intuition 2#41. I’ve linked to it before but this is an Overcast link that takes you straight to the beginning of the discussion of Snippets. If you’re interested in the open web and the future of blogging and microblogging, you should really check this out.

I think Manton’s on to something big.

This is a prime example of why open alternatives to the corporation controlled silos on the web is so important. Best way to protect your content from being taken down by Google is to not host your blog using Google’s services.