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Scrolling a UIView to keep the keyboard from obstructing the view of the current UITextField

Wow, that’s an unwieldy title! Anyway, during some spare time today I’ve struggled with something in Objective C and Cocoa Touch that I’ve been struggling with before. When a UITextField in an iOS app becomes ”active”, allowing the user to enter text, almost half of the screen gets covered by the software keyboard. That’s all […]

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iTunes U-kurs i iOS utveckling med Swift

Stanford University har nu börjat publicera sin kurs Developing iOS 8 Apps with Swift i iTunes U. I somras lärde jag mig Objective-C och iOS-utveckling genom att följa en äldre, liknande Stanford-kurs. Det var otroligt lärorikt och värdefullt så om du är intresserad av att lära dig att utveckla program för iOS-plattformen så ska du […]

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Market share on the one hand, developer revenue on the other

the combined app store revenue for iOS devices is almost 6x that of Android Market.

This, combined with the fact that Google actually makes more money on iOS than on Android, is in my opinion the biggest threat against Android in the long run.

The iPad as a travel companion, part 2

Last week I wrote a blog post about my upcoming trip to Warsaw with the band Hedningarna and the fact that I would use my iPad as my main digital entertainment during the trip, and as my only computer-like work device. The trip ended on Saturday last week but didn’t really turn out the way […]

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The iPad and iPhone as travel companions

Today I will be flying to Poland with the folkrock band ”Hedningarna” for a gig in Warsaw. I’m going to be their FOH engineer. (The guy that controls the sound that the audience hears). This post will not be about sound engineering or about Hedningarna though. It will be about the fact that this little […]

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Podcaster for iPhone

I spend a big part of my life with my iPhone headset on. For the last six months or so most of that time has not been about listening to music, it’s been about podcasts. My podcast craze started last summer when I discovered Boagworld.com, just as it took a break from regular production. The […]

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Why Instapaper still matters to me

A few days ago Apple opened its WWDC with a keynote showcasing some of the news in iOS 5, OS X Lion and the semi-new service iCloud. One of the features that was announced was Safari Reading List, a special bookmarks folder inside Safari where you can save pages for later reading. This is more or less in direct […]

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