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Becky Hansmeyer has an interesting approach to her review of the new MacBook Pro.

This isn’t going to be your typical MacBook review because there are plenty of those out there and most of them are very good. This review is for people who don’t give two craps how this year’s model compares to last year’s model and instead want to know how this year’s model compares to their crusty old ThickBook Pro from five years ago because that’s the one they’re upgrading from. Cool? Cool.

A Review of the 2016 13″ MacBook Pro with Touch Bar | Becky Hansmeyer

At one point in Rogue One, Galen Erso explicitly invokes the justification that they’d find someone else to do this work anyway. It sounds a lot like Tim Cook’s memo to Apple staff justifying his presence at a roundtable gathering that legitimised the election of a misogynist bigot to the highest office in the land. I’m sure that Tim Cook, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Sheryl Sandberg all think they are playing the part of Galen Erso but I wonder if they’ll soon find themselves indistinguishable from Orson Krennic.

Adactio: Journal—Going rogue

Interesting piece by Jeremy Keith. I think all of us, regardless of what line of business we’re in, should consider whether the work we do for a living results in something that we really can stand behind, morally speaking. And if it doesn’t, perhaps we should try, if possible, to find something else to do to pay the bills.

The message is clear. The only web site that you can trust to last and have your interests at heart is the web site with your name on it.

Medium may not last | Manton Reece

I agree, and Manton’s upcoming Micro.blog seems like a great place to go for this.

If you haven’t yet backed Manton’s Kickstarter you really should. Sure, it’s already way past its funding goal, but by adding you money to the pile you’ll help show Manton that there’s a big demand for this kind of service.

Manton Reece has finally launched the Kickstarter for his Micro.blog project (formerly Snippets.today). If, like me, you’re interested in the open web and a more decentralized future online you should back this project. I think Manton’s onto something big, something much more sustainable then the good old Twitter clones.

Hi, my name is Manton Reece, and I’m writing a book called Indie Microblogging. I’m also launching a brand new platform for microblogs.


I want to encourage more independent writing. To do that, we need better tools that embrace microblogs and the advantages of the open web. We need to learn from the success and user experience of social networking, but applied to the full scope of the web.

I first set out to build a new service just for microblogs. It has a timeline experience like a social network, with replies and favorites, but it’s based on RSS, with the main posts pulled from independent sites.

Indie Microblogging: owning your short-form writing by Manton Reece — Kickstarter

Min vän Emil har skrivit ett inlägg om WordCamp 2016 där han tar upp sin känsla av att konferensen inte går tillräckligt på djupet. Jag vet inte med på WordCamp i år men det var precis den känslan jag hade det året då jag var med, så jag misstänker att jag hade hållit med honom i år också.

Jason Snell of Six Colors made a YouTube video as a companion to his MacBook Pro with a touch bar review. In the video he demonstrates how the touch bar behaves in different situations.

Depending on third party adoption of the touch bar, and whether Apple will roll it out to its entire product line fast enough or not, it may either be a very interning new paradigm for computer interaction or it will be a footnote on the road to touch screens everywhere.

För om man säljer underkläder är det inte mer än naturligt att de visas på halvnakna människor. Att de är sexiga är inte heller särskilt konstigt. Det är inte när kvinnor är sexiga och lättklädda i en underklädesreklam som jämställdheten är i fara. Det går utmärkt att vara stentuff svetsare, affärskvinna eller vårdbiträde med raffset under.

Problemet är att människor ständigt ska lägga sig i vad kvinnor har eller inte har på sig, och att klädvalet tros vara ett hemligt kodspråk med instruktioner för hur kvinnan i fråga bör behandlas. ”Så som hon gick klädd får hon ju nästan skylla sig själv.”

Matilda Molander: Moraltanterna har bytt underkläder – Dagens Nyheter

Manton Reece expresses an opinion similar to mine when it comes to the new MacBook Pros with nothing but USB-C ports and the comparisons of them to a headphone-less iPhone.

I have no problems with USB-C on the new MacBook Pro. It will be a small headache at the beginning, for sure. But because it’s a standard there’s no long-term compatibility risk the way there is with removing the 3.5mm headphone jack.

USB-C vs. the headphone jack | Manton Reece

Jeremy Keith writes about being on Twitter for ten years and comments on how things have changed on Twitter at large and, more importantly, on Twitter for him as he for the past few years has been treating it as nothing but a syndication service. I do the same and for the past few months I’ve visited Twitter.com very rarely and I no longer have any Twitter client installed on my iOS devices. It’s liberating to know that you own your content and as long as you keep your site running it’ll live on regardless of the rise and fall of various social networks.

I’m not sure if my Twitter account will still exist ten years from now. But I’m pretty certain that my website will still be around.

Adactio: Journal—A decade on Twitter

That last paragraph rings so true to me. I intend to live for at least fifty more years and I hope my blog will be with me all the way. How many huge companies have existed for fifty years? How many of those have not changed in significant ways in fifty years? Do we really think that the social media of today will preserve our ideas, our quips and snapshots, and our memories – happy and sad –  for the foreseeable future? Or do we not care if they don’t?