The third reason behind the Pirates’ malaise is the fact that mishaps are taking their toll. When Schlömer, the party boss, called upon the 45 Pirate representatives in state parliaments to make a financial contribution to the party’s national organization, he slammed against a wall of refusals. So the issue of solving the party’s massive money problem was just put off for another day. But this means that many party candidates will lack the funds they need to run professional campaigns for next year’s federal and state elections. What’s more, almost half of the party’s members have yet to pay their annual membership fee.1

What? Are members of a party based on the notion that you should be able to take the stuff you want for free not willing to pay for stuff?

Who would have guessed that?

Additionally, based on feedback after the original blog post, we felt it was important to clarify one thing about user tokens and the 100,000 user token limit. The 100,000 user token limit applies only to the small set of clients replicating the core Twitter experience. It does not apply to the majority of other applications in the broader ecosystem.1

Wow, thanks for clarifying that. So we don’t need to worry about the 100,000 token limit since it only applies to the things we want to use and totally doesn’t affect the things that you want us to use.

That’s just great!

Marco wrote a good piece speculating on the internals of the rumored iPad Mini (or Nano or Junior or whatever). What caught my attention, thou, was this:

iPad2,4 is the 32nm die-shrunk update that quietly replaced the 16 GB Wi-Fi iPad 2 when the iPad 3 was released, yielding better battery life and lower cost, and probably partly responsible for the iPad 2’s price drop to $399.1

So actually the current ”iPad 2” has a better battery life then the ”iPad 2” that was sold before ”The New iPad” (aka iPad 3) was released? I might have to revise my advice to people interested in buying an iPad; maybe the iPad 3 is not always the way to go.