Back in September Microsoft revealed a lot of what Windows 8 will be about. The thing that caught my eye was the new ”Metro UI”. The other day, while on a train from Malmö to Falun, I finally had the time to watch the ”8 Traits of Great Metro Style Apps” video. If you are interested in computers, development etc you should really watch this.

Microsoft has made some great decisions about Metro. The fact that they again and again in the presentation encourages the developers to use standard UI and controls instead of rolling there own is great. Finally Windows might be a platform in the same sense that OS X is, i.e. programs will feel like a natural extension of the system instead of something completely alien.

One thing that I really liked when I first heard of it was the idea of contracts. After seeing the video I like it even more. This seems like the perfect way to get apps to co-operate in the next generation of operating systems. Let’s hope and pray that Apple finds it equally great and steels it for iOS.

Yesterday Divya Manian wrote a post on Smashing Magazine called ”Our Pointless Pursuit Of Semantic Value”. It made some hyperbolic statements about semantic markup. However it, and its comments, are well worth a read. The best reply I’ve seen so far comes from Jeremy Keith.

 And that’s the reason why right now is exactly the time for web developers to be thinking about semantics. The specification is still being put together and our collective voice matters. If we want to have well-considered semantic elements in the language, we need to take the time to consider the effects of every new element that could potentially be used to structure our content.