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More facts on usage of iOS vs Android

Here’s another report of iOS vs Android use. According to Mobile Marketing Watch iOS represents two thirds of the mobile traffic that hits Google Search.

”The perils of possession without utilization”

Horace Dediu makes a chart of ”Possession vs. Utilization for Android and iPhone”.

This data seems to support the hypothesis that Android users are disproportionately less willing to spend money (note that the data does not say that users don’t have money, but simply that they are not spending it).

Which is why my current idea for a smartphone app will be realized as an iOS app, not an Android one. (Click through to the original post to se the actual charts.)

More Google+, a response to Emil

A while back my friend Emil responded to my post on Google+. I should have answered it right away, but lots of stuff got it the way (mostly work). Here is what Emil wrote. Men det går alldeles utmärkt att köra google+ utan javascript! Och för den delen tror jag du hade tyckt om Google+! […]

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Google buys Motorola

This really seems to be Google’s day on this blog. So far one part criticism and one part praise. I guess this post will be both. Today Google bought Motorola. They claim that it is to strengthen Android as a platform against the ”anti-competitive” moves to buy patent portfolios by Apple and Microsoft. (Never mind […]

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The real openness of Google+

In the spirit of ”give credit where credit is due” and as a follow up to this mornings rant about Google+ and what’s not opened about is, here is some praise to Google for what is in fact open.

According to the SitePoint podcast #120 Google+ has a feature called ”Data liberation” (or something like) that allows you to export everything on your profile in more or less open formats. That’s seriously awesome!

The closed nature of Google+

I’ve never used Google+. This article is solely based on me reading other sources. The word ”open” is often used by Google, and even more often by Google’s proponents, as an argument for why Google and their products are better than others (especially better than Apple, but occasionally Microsoft). In my opinion though that has […]

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Firefox 5 is out! That’s great, I guess

So Firefox 5 is here. That’s great, I guess, but what’s new? Even on Mozilla’s own What’s new page for Firefox 5 there isn’t much. When I visit is during the writing of this post all I can see is that it’s apparently easy to customize Firefox with add-ons and plugins, but that’s hardly news. […]

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Google +Circles: share what matters, with the people who matter most (and with Google). Apparently Google is about to launch a full scale attack on Facebook with their own social media community. I’m not a Facebook user so I don’t know whether there are any aspects of it that Google obviously would do better. However […]

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