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🎞 Watched: Captain America: The First Avenger

I’ve not really gotten into the MCU movies before. All I’ve watched prior to this one was the first Iron Man and the first two Avengers movies and while I liked Iron Man, the Avengers movies did not impress me. However, after The Incomparable’s Summer of Marvel I felt like I might have been missing out on some entertaining movies and since Netflix has added some of the early MCU movies I decided to give this one a chance.

Turns out, I really liked it. It’s far from a perfect movie but it was really entertaining and in contrast to Logan it was fun and uplifting. After seeing this movie I actually have some appreciation for the character of Captian America who previously has been more or less unknown to me.

Also, I’m always up for watching a movie where Tommy Lee Jones gets to be as Tommy Lee Jones as possible.

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🎧 Listened to: The Incomparable | Up to the Puppies (Episode 426)

Sometimes I listen to The Incomparable talk about movies that I haven’t watched. Equilibrium is one such movie and the way it’s described here makes me think that it’s such an interesting train wreck that I just have to watch it.

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