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Minimalism In Plugin GUIs (ValhallaDSP) – https://valhalladsp.com/2017/05/25/minimalism-in-plugin-guis/

The land of (almost) midnight sun

Musings down by the lake in the (almost) midnight sun.

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Ute på kvällspromenad och möter Carl Larsson.

Super Nintendo Classic arrives in September – https://sixcolors.com/post/2017/06/super-nintendo-classic-arrives-in-september/
I’ve found a new favorite location in Breath of the Wild, Eventide Island! Really fun place. Great shrine quest and awesome mini challenge after the shrine.
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Politiska snapsvisor 2017
Niklas Orrenius: Måste finnas plats även för islamkritiker som Omar
Brianna Wu (@Spacekatgal) shows how a candidate can tweet like a person
This is so awesome! This guy tried to figure out How much an actual Imperial Star Destroyer would cost. While the Star Destroyer is a bit pricey a TIE fighter costs basically the same as a Model S. Given that choice I know what I would choose.
What to post to a microblog
Okay, that was a great episode! Will go for the season finale tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. I love this show!
Time for the ninth episode of Westworld. I simultaneously want to finish it today to know how it ends and don’t want it to ever end!
Played Breath of the Wild again, for the first time in over a week. (Two weeks, maybe.) Took a few minutes to realize what I should be doing but then it had me hooked again!

For the past couple of plays I’ve been finding shrines without completing them, so I had a bunch that I could warp to today and do a shrine completion spree. 

As I’m putting it away to go to bed I’ve made my way up to the Akkala Citadell

Linn and I gave up on Twin Peaks a few minutes into episode three. It was just way too weird and incoherent for us. Instead we’ve started watching Westworld. We’re six episodes into it and I love it! Great show!
Please, can we agree to call it the Mac Semi-Pro instead of the iMac Pro? Pretty please?