And the best way to start is just to start. Things to avoid is a mindset that ”I have this great idea for an app and if only I had time to work on it it would be a big success.”

More often than not, in my experience going to NS Coder night meeting lots of people, it is not so much a question of time so much as it is a question of eagerness, of motivation and it’s easy and nice to have kind of this unicorn off in the distance that you can say ”if only I had time I’d be very successful, my app would be awesome and that would be great” because it’s easy to then sort of neglect all of the work and effort and the challenges that you would hit between starting and finishing that project.1

It really felt like David Smith was talking about me in episode #60 of Developing Perspective. The ”unicorn” metaphor seems very appropriate and applicable to a lot of things in my life. ”If only I had more time I’d write more songs.” ”If only I had the time to complete my unfinished master studies.” ”If only I had more time so I could make that great iOS App/Web Service that would be a great passive income.” and so on.

This, all these ”great” ideas that never really gets executed, is one of my least favorite things about myself. It’s something that I really need to sort out. I need to get on with what I want to do, start executing on it and then actually complete it.

Case in point; this post is an almost a year old draft that I for some reason didn’t post back then. Likely there was something great I should add to it ”if only I had more time”.

Recently I took a quick peak in my drafts folder and found a post with the title AppleTV and Roku with Plex. It’s only content was this picture.

AppleTV & Roku

AppleTV & Roku

The picture was dated june 2012. I guess that was the last time when I tried to use Plex with a TV connected box. Now, a year later, I’m currently experimenting with the AppleTV again. It appears summer is a great time for fiddling with the TV and its content.

Om några timmar är det dags för mig att sätta mig på ett tåg mot Arlanda och övernatta där. I morgon går resan vidare till staden Loulé i Portugal där Hedningarna ska spela på en festival och jag ska jobba som deras liveljudtekniker. Det ska bli riktigt kul.

There has – as usual – been a lot of coverage of this years WWDC Keynote so I will try not to repeat to much. I will however point out something that interests me a lot. It’s mainly two things.

OS X Mavericks.

No, I’m not too keen on the name either but one thing about the name-change is really significant.

We want to set a name that’s going to carry us for at least the next ten years.1

There has been some speculation over the last couple of years that Apple will soon dump Mac OS X in its ”iOSification of the Mac” and ”dumbing the Mac down” to make it more appealing to a mainstream crowd and thereby making it worthless to the pro users. The name change and the comment by Federighi makes this sound really improbable.

The Mac Pro

Long time follower of this site knows that the Mac Pro is precious to me. I don’t own one personally but they are an integral part of my work place and the recent lack of updates to it, along with complete sales-stop in Europe, have given me and my colleagues doubts about relying on Apple in future.

A new Mac Pro is therefore great news. A redesigned Mac Pro is even better news. Why? Because it means Apple has spent a lot of time and money into bringing us this product. That must mean they don’t plan to kill it off for quite some time.

To me these two things is a very clear indication that Apple is not planning to move away from the pro market anytime soon.

  1. Craig Federighi in the WWDC Keynote 

A pattern is starting to emerge. When summer comes and work slows down I get the itch to blog. This itch is often accompanied by a desire to redo something about the blog, be it the design, its main language etc.

Little over two years ago I relaunched the blog with a post called A New (Blog) Hope. With that post I started to blog in english and focused more on my interest in technology. My old, more personal posts, were then supposed to get a new home. That didn’t happen and the old content has been reinserted in this blog. I’ve started to feel that I want a broader website than just something dedicated to ”tech”. That is why I’ve now made a small change.


This blog has been moved from to blog.henrikcarlsson.se1. It is a small cosmetic change but to me it feels significant. It means I don’t feel so pigeonholed anymore. This site/blog is my site. Here I will publish whatever I want. Sometimes it will be written in swedish, sometimes in english. I will mix and match computer-geekery with audio recording stuff, politics with pictures etc.

  1., that is ”blog” in swedish spelling, works equally well.