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The iPad and iPhone as travel companions

Today I will be flying to Poland with the folkrock band ”Hedningarna” for a gig in Warsaw. I’m going to be their FOH engineer. (The guy that controls the sound that the audience hears). This post will not be about sound engineering or about Hedningarna though. It will be about the fact that this little […]

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Google +Circles: share what matters, with the people who matter most (and with Google). Apparently Google is about to launch a full scale attack on Facebook with their own social media community. I’m not a Facebook user so I don’t know whether there are any aspects of it that Google obviously would do better. However […]

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Creating social media icons with HTML and CSS

So called ”Social Media Icons”, links to Twitter, Facebook, RSS-feeds, linkedin etc., are everywhere. You can’t possibly have missed them.  They are definitely a big buzz and something that a lot of people want to have on their web sites. A while ago I designed and developed a site called Prinsessans Rockband that among other things […]

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More info about Apples IR-patent


A few days ago I wrote about a patent application from Apple regarding a use of IR to augment the iPhone’s camera. Mikael Jorhult (@mikaeljorhult) then gave me this link to a very comprehensive overview. Please note the large number of possible uses that isn’t about obsessive control.

Will Apple prevent us from taking iPhone-pictures at concerts?

A news-story about Apple attempting to patent a technology that will prevent you from filming certain live-events has been floating around for a few days now. Yesterday it started to filter into the swedish press as well. (You can read more about it in swedish at MacFeber and in english at MicroBlogBuzz). Needless to say […]

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Designing and developing a new website for my music

In this blogs very first post I mentioned how I tried to differentiate the various projects I’ve got going. This blog should be my main blogging platform for tech related stuff, with the occasional guest appearance of my other interests. The part of my old web site that was dedicated to my small one-man business […]

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Ubuntu Linux

I’ve just installed Ubuntu Linux in my Fusion powered Virtual Machine. Initial reaction:
It’s fast!

My Windows 7 VM screws up my computer and sucks the life out of it. Ubuntu doesn’t.

Better font-rendering

I’ve just fixed the font-rendering for this site in Chrome and Firefox for Windows. I believe the problem had something to do with the @font-face-implementation in the various browsers and/or various font formats in different operating systems. The @font-face-code that I know use is from Andy Clarke’s book Hardboiled Web Design and from en article […]

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Podcaster for iPhone

I spend a big part of my life with my iPhone headset on. For the last six months or so most of that time has not been about listening to music, it’s been about podcasts. My podcast craze started last summer when I discovered Boagworld.com, just as it took a break from regular production. The […]

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Archive by topic, not date

Joost de Valk wrote a good article the other day called ”Archive SEO: archive by topic, not by date”. (My skepticism for the term SEO will be discussed some other time, however Yoast is good at what he does.) I followed his advice from the article, so now this blog uses tags to order old posts by topic and content, not date.

Eagles on iTunes

I just found out that The Eagles’s back catalogue is now available in the iTunes Store. Anyone and everyone who loves music should make a visit and purchase.

HTML5 Audio Player

This is a great run down of how to use the audio element from HTML5 alongside jQuery to create an in-browser audio player. Perfect as an introduction to <audio>.

Perch – A really little CMS

Recently I’ve been more and more interested in exploring a new CMS besides WordPress. Last week I checked out Perch which really seemed right for a future project.

New domains registered

I’ve just registered two new domains. Exciting things will likely happen this summer.

Why Instapaper still matters to me

A few days ago Apple opened its WWDC with a keynote showcasing some of the news in iOS 5, OS X Lion and the semi-new service iCloud. One of the features that was announced was Safari Reading List, a special bookmarks folder inside Safari where you can save pages for later reading. This is more or less in direct […]

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Reeder for Mac is in the App Store

Apparently the awesome RSS reader Reeder has finally left beta and is now available in the Mac App Store. The iPhone and especially iPad version is great and I’ve been using the Mac beta for a while and I must say I love it. So don’t hesitate, buy!

The blog now has WP Super Cache

I’ve just enabled WP Super Cache on this blog. This is the first time I use a static cache on a WordPress blog. Hopefully it will speed things up and make it more fail safe.

Silverlight and IE9

You are running a browser that may not be fully compatible with Microsoft Silverlight.

Well, I’m using the latest version of your browser. Nice work Microsoft.

Microsoft Windows 8

A few days ago I saw a video showcasing Windows 8. I think it’s a week or two old but to me it was news. (You can watch the video here.) I must admit I am a bit impressed. It’s been a long time since I used Windows a lot, and an even longer time […]

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OS X Lion and multitouch

After watching the video from the WWDC keynote I must say OS X Lion shows great promise. However it seems like most multitouch gestures are backwards compared to the same functions today. That means it will probably take something like a week to get adjusted and back in the flow. Well, that’s what holidays are for.

New @5by5 podcast – Critical Path

The brilliant podcasting site/company/network 5by5 released a new show about mobile computing two days ago. I will check it out right now.

Check out http://5by5.tv/criticalpath/ or its RSS-feed http://feeds.feedburner.com/criticalpath.

Adobe Connect

For the past weeks I’ve been using Adobe Connect quite a bit, and the fact that it drains my battery and makes my computer hot as a frying pan pisses me off. More whining is likely to come.

Windows 8

I’ll have to admit that I’m impressed by a lot in this video about Windows 8. http://j.mp/mNiQ1u

A New (Blog) Hope

Yes, this is indeed a new blog. For the past years I’ve been running a combined blog, personal website and company website at henrikcarlsson.se. The blog mixed personal posts with company related posts, web stuff with sound engineering and everything mixed with the occasional release of a song written and recorded by me. Needless to […]

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Stoppa pressarna, Henrik bloggar igen

Nu var det (som vanligt) alldeles för länge sedan jag bloggade. Sist jag skrev ett inlägg så berättade jag om en pågående omkodning av sidan, som ändå skulle se ungefär likadan ut för dig som läsare. Så blev dock inte riktigt fallet. Istället har jag startat en helt nu blogg där jag till största delen […]

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